Start A Blog

You know,

Blogging is one of the Best online career options Nowadays.

Many people started their Blog online and make it a Full-time profession for him.

Did you know that in India lots of people quit their High Paying permanent jobs and become a full-time Blogger?

 I am pretty sure now you may think why?…what was the reason(I know now your excitement level is on high)

The logic behind is quite straight forward: Blogging Make him Happy and also help him to quit their Boring 9to6 job and Give Time & Financial Freedom.

Wow!! Really Awesome

I know, you may be think Blogging is such an amazing Thing…

Yes, Absolutely…

It’s really Fabulous 

Literally, you enjoy a lot if you are a successful Blogger

So that Blogging has the potential to change your Life completely and Make you an Online Entrepreneur.

Hmm, Entrepreneur…Sounds Good Right?

But to get all these Achievements, You need to Start a Blog First.

And here I help you to build your own blog professionally.

Believe me, starting a Blog is just like ”Playing a Child”.

Because nowadays lots of Content management system are introduced and that makes blogging super easy to start.

So in this Guide, I will describe all about “How to start a Blog in India & Grow it to the next level”(STEP BY STEP)

For Setup a Blog we need to Go through some several topics Such as:

  • What is Blogging?
  • Benefits and Future of Blogging.
  • Blogging is Profitable or Not?
  • How to Choose a Blogging Niche.
  • Choosing a Blog Name.
  • Selecting the best web hosting.
  • Install WordPress and Make your Blog Live.
  • Choosing a Blog Theme and Customization Process.
  • Essential page setup(about us/privacy policy/contact us)
  • How to write an SEO friendly Blog post.
  • Content Promotion Strategy.
  • Best ways to Make Money from a Blog.


Let’s Started the Guide “How to start a Blog in India 2019” (Step By Step)

How To Start a Blog in India & Make money from it.{Definative Guide}

Before going to start a blog you need to learn some basic fundamentals about blogging and if you are a beginner to the blogging industry then understanding the fundamentals is really very crucial. 

So, first of all, let’s know what exactly blogging is. 

Step1: What is Blogging?

Step2: Benefits & Future Of Blogging.

Here we Discuss what are the Benefits to a Start a Blog and what will be the Future of Blogging.

Let’s Start…

Here I am Going to Giving you a Small summary about Benefits of Blogging means by doing blogging what will you Achieve.

1)Through Blogging, you can showcase your Skill in fronts of Thousands of online People.

2)You can Build an Authority around your Niche/Topic.

3)Help you Build Relationship with your Visitors.

4)You can Attract thousands of people towards your Blog and make money from it.

5)Blogging gives you Time & Financial Freedom.

6)You can Make Good connection with Industry Expert.

7)Help you Build Your online community.

8)You can generate Leads for your Offline Business through Blogging.

9)You will get popularity on your Niche.

And many more benefits you will get if you just started Blogging.

Ok, Now Let’s Discuss some points on what will be the Future of Blogging.

Now Blogging is very Competitive so that many of says all Blogging Niche is Saturated and Some Big Industry Magazines are saying “Blogging is Dead”.

So that Future of Blogging is one of the Controversial Topic.

The reason is, Different people share Different opinion on Future of blogging and No one tells what’s the Actual fact is.

According to the Big Industry Influencer “Future of Blogging is super solid”.

But the Competition will Increase by the Time.

If you really want to know about the Future of blogging then I want to suggest you Read one of my Article on Blogging Future.

Because before Starting Blogging you need to know more about his Future.

I am sure from the above discussion you get sufficient knowledge on benefits and Future of blogging.

Now we Discuss Blogging is Profitable or not and I also mention some well know blogger’s who makes millions online.

Step3: Blogging is Profitable or Not?

Blogging is profitable?

It is one of the first questions that appear before starting a blog.

Also, this question is very obvious.

Because when someone starts a blog or any business, the first thing hit to their mind is “Is this Business profitable or not?”

So let’s find out the answer.

In my experience Blogging is one of the best profitable online business nowadays.

But just you need to work on a consistent basis to see the positive result because blogging is not a “get rich quick method”.

Blogging takes time to give you the results or money that you want.

Ok!! Now I am going to show you some top bloggers who earn millions online and live a laptop lifestyle.

Let’s see…