Elementor Cloud Review: Pricing & Features {Complete launch Info}

Friends Welcome To My Elementor Cloud Review 2022 & Pricing Page! [Note: Elementor Cloud is currently in Testing Phase, so within some days it may release]

As we all know friends, Elementor is one of the Best WordPress Plugins that help us create Fantastic websites without any coding knowledge.

Elementor is Extensively popular & mostly 80% of websites using it currently to develop their website, but the problem is it’s only just a Plugin not completely a web development tool.

But Recently Elementor snagged $15 million in funding & I had been waiting for them to launch their own official Elementor Cloud product to evolve from just a plugin to a complete website-building solution.

Elementor already offers features such as theme building,  dynamic content, a popup builder, etc. You can control pretty much everything about your site’s front-end display from one tool –  Elementor Pro. That’s a big part of why we like Elementor Pro so much.

But there are a few reasons why the elementor is thinking of launching their Cloud Platform.

1)Nowadays many bloggers love to use Gutenberg rather than page builder because with New WordPress Gutenberg 9.5 Update we can create many complex designs very effortlessly.

2)Second reason is Google Core Web Vital Update. Yes! Using Page builder can completely slow down your site performance & overall user experience.

-Eventually, it gives you negative SEO results & it’s one of the strong points of many webmasters who have shifted their control to Gutenberg.

In addition, WordPress started promoting Gutenberg as the fastest and easiest builder. In order to enhance its flexibility and functionality, many WordPress agencies have released Gutenberg Addon Plugins.

This is something very big & Page builders like Elementor can feel the Importance of Speed & Performance. This is the most Important reason Elementor is Going to launch the Elementor Cloud Platform.

Well, I hope you Got enough ideas about Elementor Cloud & Why Elementor is going to launch such a big platform. Now let’s understand what exactly Elementor Cloud is & its complete features.

What Exactly Elementor Cloud Is?

Elementor has announced a brand new product/service named Elementor Cloud, which is a complete website solution packed with WordPress, Elementor Pro [Installed], and  Managed Cloud Hosting.

It seems like Elementor is going to compete with Wix & Weebly from a different angle. Because they are also Website builders, comes a hosted solution.

If I am talking about its features then sorry! There is no such correct info regarding the features of this New Elementor Cloud Platform. Once I get anything related to it, I will share it with you.

Elementor Cloud Review: Pricing Break Down

Elementor Cloud comes with Cloud Hosting + Elementor Pro [Installed] + Tech Support 24*7 + Some Extra Elementor Addons Plugins & Features

Elementor Cloud Officially announced his pricing and it will be $19.90/Month but in the early sale, you can get up to 50% OFF.

I know it’s slightly expensive compared to other cloud hosting services but it’s totally worth it, once you started using this platform you will know.

Elementor Cloud Review: Who Should Go For This?

As you know friends Elementor Cloud is specially designed for professionals who want to create a fantastic Website under cloud storage that gives you better performance than a normal WordPress Website.

So, I highly Recommend Elementor Cloud to follow Professionals,

=>Web developers.


=>Medium Business.

=>Agency Owner.

=>Pro Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers

Basically, I want to Recommend Elementor Cloud to all Professionals who want good control over their website design without compromising the speed.

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Elementor Cloud Review: Common FAQs

Let’s quickly run over some other questions that you might have about Elementor Cloud…

Does Elementor Cloud include Elementor Pro?

Yes! You get Elementor Pro as part of your Elementor Cloud subscription.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! You’ll be able to try it out for 21 days for free.

Can I use my own domain name with Elementor Cloud?

Yes! While your site will start off with a free Elementor subdomain by default, you can easily connect your own custom domain name when you’re ready to go live.

Can you host multiple sites with Elementor Cloud?

Not during the beta, but I imagine this feature will be added soon,

Does Elementor Cloud include staging sites?

It doesn’t at the time that we’re writing this post, but Elementor does have this feature on their roadmap, so it’s in the plans. I imagine this is something that a lot of people will want, so it will certainly make its way into the system.

Additionally, remember that it does include a feature to let you protect your site while it’s under development.

Does Elementor back up my site?

Yes! Elementor will automatically back up your site every day.

Can I migrate my site away from Elementor Cloud if I want to switch to a host?

Yes! You can move your site to another host if you decide that Elementor Cloud isn’t for you. Remember – it’s still WordPress, so you can move to your own self-hosted install if you want.

Can I migrate my existing site to Elementor Cloud?

No! Currently, you cannot migrate an existing site to Elementor Cloud. It only works for sites that you’ve created from scratch on the platform.

As we answered above, though, you can go in the other direction and migrate your site away from Elementor Cloud to another WordPress host.

Does Elementor Cloud offer Customer Service?

Yes – you’ll get support every day from 7 am to 11 pm GMT+2.

How to Get Started With Elementor Cloud?

As I mentioned, Elementor Cloud is currently in beta, so you can’t just go and sign up for it right away.

If you want to try it out, click the button below to go to the Elementor Cloud site and put your name on the list for beta access.

Once the Elementor Cloud Platform will be released you will get an official notification from Elementor Company.

Thank you, once i get new details regarding Elementor Cloud i will update you:)

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