FastComet Black Friday deals 2020:(70% Discount Coupon Available)

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In this short and genuine Fastcomet black friday deals page. I will give you some information about the fastcomet company, its features and why it is the best hosting for you.

And yes, (A small disclaimer-  all the information in the editorial bellow are drew out from my own experience).

So, without any delay Let’s find out the best Fastcomet black friday deals 2020

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Lets first discuss about the plans that provides by fastcomet Web hosting company.

Plans of Fastcomet (with coupon code)

fastcomet plans

The fast comet holds 3 types of plans which are really beneficial to you if you buy hosting service from it.

And yes, with the fastcomet coupon code you can get these plans with a lower rate.



Well, this plan comes up with a price of 2.95$ per month and its renewal price is also the same. 

With this plan, you will get the following facilities which will help you to start your own website smoothly.

15GB storage space- this plan will provide you a storage space of 15gb which is good to handle a single website.

2gb ram- well with this plan you will get only access to 2gb RAM and 2 CPU cores, and this is enough for one website.


Fastcloud Plus:-

This plan is quite better than the first one, you can get this plan by spending only 4.95$ per month and your renewal price will be the same.

So now let’s talk about its facilities.

25gb storage by spending only 5.95$ per month you can get 25gb of space.

Unlimited sites you will be able to host as many sites you want.

3gb memory with scale right plan you will get 3gb RAM and access to 4 CPU cores.


Fastcloud Extra:-

It is the best plan of the fast comet, you can make your website a race car with this plan by spending only 5.95$ per month.

And, yes the renewal price will be the same for next year.

35gb storage with this plan you have the capacity of the 35gb web storage which will make your website a real beast.

Preinstalled components with this plan you will get Varnish, APC, LiteSpeed LSAPI, OPcache etc which will help in the development of the speed of the website.

6gb of RAM With this plan, you will have access to the 6gb of RAM as well as 6 CPU cores.

                 An additional benefit which makes it uncommon and different is that the renewal price of these plans is the same.

And with the given fastcomet coupon code you can get them at a much lower price.

Now let's discuss little bit about Fastcomet Company.

About Fastcomet:-

Fastcomet is a US-based web hosting service company, It has more than 50 thousand customer and 10 data centers worldwide.

But here don't go with the Size of its customer base, In fastcomet you will get faster customer support, High-speed servers, and Better security.

Do you know, Famous Speed optimization plugin Wp Rocket is a partnership with Fastcomet Hosting.

So Fastcomet is a very Trusted Company & well know for his quality service.

Pros & Cons of Fastcomet Black Friday Deals:-

In this part i will show you all the pros & cons of fastcomet hosting, honestly!!

Let's start…



  • Super fast Loading time.(within 1sec.)
  • Uptime on it's peak.(99.99% almost)
  • Excellent Customer support.(24*7 hrs)
  • Daily backup support at free of cost.
  • Provides Strong security
  • Domain name transfer for free.
  • It has multiple data location centers.
  • It provides 45 days money back Guarantee.
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Free CDN(Content delivery network)
  • Free Web Application firewall.
  • Free Malware Removal Tool.
  • Fastcomet renewal charges remain constants.
  • Price is 2.95$ only.


  • Less Popular Company, but the service is litrally amazing.


From the above pros & cons table we concluded, Fastcomet is one of the best and features loaded web hosting Company.

If you are looking for best hosting at a cheap price then Fastcomet is my No 1 Choice…

Check out the below video of Fastcomet Review & coupon redeem tutorial.

Why You Need To Buy On Fastcomet Black Friday Deals 2020.

Well, fastcomet is not so popular hosting service provider but as per my recommendation, it is the best alternative to the siteground hosting service.

So that if you won't get one of its plan then it is essential for you to know it’s key features which are described below.

1)UPTIME AT IT’S PEAK  well we all know what uptime is and how important it is for your website.

So, having this point of view the developers of the fast comet gave all their effort towards high uptime.

The uptime of the hosting service is literally 99.99% which will make your website speed and relevant.

Let’s take a look at the average uptime of 2018

2019 Aug-100%

2019 Sep-100%

2019 Oct-99.97%

2019 Nov-100%

2019 Dec-100%

So, we all can see that the uptime is almost 100% in all the months so in case of uptime it is really very good.

2)Relevant speed-

 Speed is an important factor when it comes to SEO.

Websites with better loading time and speed have a higher conversion rate.

 So , when it comes to speed, you should not be worried about it if you are a fastcomet hosting user.

 Let’s take a look at the speed performance of the fastcomet hosting.

->Reasonable response time-0.57s

->Reasonable load time- 1.27s

->Reasonable under load- 1.05s

So it the field of speed it is pretty good.


3)Excellent support- 

Customer service is an important factor when it comes to getting better customer reviews.

And with this attitude, fastcomet is providing good consumer service.

As a small customer based company actually fastcomet is doing good and providing better customer support.

This company is maintained by many experts who will help you in solving your technical hosting problems if you have any.

They can help you via call, live chat and e-mail.

So having a few numbers of customers this company is actually doing good.

4)Regular backups- 

Backups are really important for users if they lose any of their data.

So in order to solve this problem, fastcomet created an automatic backup system that is easily accessible through Cpanel.

They can copy the past 7 days' data which will help the user in finding their lost data.

And yes, they are planning on extending the days from 7 days to 30 days.

5)Strong security- 

Every user wants their website secured and the fastcomet fulfills these necessary needs.

Fastcomet makes the security one of its priority

 So they use advance software and technologies like cagefs, Bitninja which protects the website from the virus attacks.

They also use the software like cloud Linux which guarantees that a virus infected site would not be threat to the server.

They use the biggest CMS in the world like WordPress Joomla, magneto.


It’s 24*7 security team can identify any kind of hack attempt.

So, In a nutshell, your website will be secured.

fastcomet coupon

6)Domain  transfer for FreeIt is another free service that is provided by the fastcomet.

If you move your domain over to the fastcomet then they will give you an annual registration for free.

And for sure the renewal fee is too low, if you want to transfer your domain to fastcomet.

7)Multiple Data location centres- 

It is one of the most important features of the fastcomet company, and it has data centers all over the world in every continent.

Fastcomet has 2 servers in Asia, 3 in Europe and also 3 in the United States.

So that, you can able to access the service from any corner of the world.

8)45 days money back guarantee Available.

Generally, most of the hosting service providers offer a simple 30 days money back guarantee except the big hosting companies like siteground, Hostgator, etc.

And, now just like them, fastcomet have it’s money back guarantee offer to 45 days, which is enough for a person to test the web host in a relevant way.

It is also help new customers to take the decision instantly without thinking much & they are also very serious with their promise.

9)FREE SSL Certification:-

SSL certificates are data files. When they are installed on the website, a padlock and https protocol gets activated and allows ONLY secure and safe connections from the webserver to the browser. 

It is SUPER important in SEO perspective for every website. Generally, it costs to the web owner. But, you will get it for FREE if you are purchase Fastcoment web hosting. 


CDN stands for Content Delivery Network/Content Distribution Network. It helps internet content to be delivered to the end-user easily and securely. 

You will be getting this feature also for FREE with Fastcoment Web Hosting purchase.


11)FREE Web Application Firewall:-

You might know it, but still, I want to tell you that a website owner may face security issues, as the internet is hacking & malware invasion prone. 

So, it is a MUST for any website to have firewall protection. Many website owners are paying for firewall protection to keep their websites protected.

But, you will not have to pay for it if you are a Fastcomet customer, because it is providing a FREE Web Application Firewall to keep its customers' websites protected from getting hacked or malware affected.

12)FREE Malware Removal Tool:-

As I mentioned above, malware attacks can be a significant threat/problem to any website in the world. Any site can be a victim of malware attacks on the internet. Therefore, you must keep your website malware attacks FREE at any cost.

There are many tools available to protect your website from malware attacks but with cons. These tools make your websites load slower and expensive as well.

Fastcomet has this malware attack protection tool in its web hosting plans. It is very systematic and also NOT slows your website loading time. Almost NO Fastcomet customers got any issues with malware attacks.

And the most fantastic part is that it is provided for FREE by Fastcomet to its customers.

13)FastComet Renewal Charges Does Not Change:-

Most of the web hosting companies' renewal plans are very high. And also, they change their prices according to the market variations.

In WordPress hosting, it is pretty prevalent. The customers face difficulties while renewing their web hosting plans generally.

 But, with Fastcomet, it is not like that till now. We have not paid anything extra than as mentioned in the plan so far. 

I am very impressed with this feature of FastComet Company, because almost all the hosting company increase the renewal price up to 3x.

Why do i recommend Fastcomet Hosting?

Want to know, why you should purchase Fastcomet hosting.

If you are a new blogger or a business owner and just entering into the online business world, then Fastcomet is the best and cheapest hosting to start your website.

It provides you better loading speed, Uptime, Security with the finest 24*7 hrs support system.

And i think that's enough things need to start a new website.So that here i highly recommend you all to grab the Fastcomet coupon code to save more money.

Conclusion On Fastcomet Black Friday Deals:-

Here my detailed Fastcomet black friday deals 2020 editorial is concluded.

In the above we talked on fastcomet pricing plan, It features & i also provided you the 70% fastcomet black friday deals.

So, now it's your turn, would you actually want to buy fastcomet hosting at a cheap price or not.

At the end of the article, i strongly suggested you grab fastcomet blck friday deals now and save up to 70% on it's every plan. 


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