Future of Blogging in 2022: It’s Not What you are Wandering.

Dear Aspiring Bloggers & Marketers…Want to know about Future Of Blogging in 2022?

The future is an Interesting Buzzword. Isn’t it?

Everyone wants to know about his/her future…

If you are a Blogger then obviously you should know about the “Future of Blogging” as you are doing a lot of hard work on writing, promoting, developing and maintaining a blog.

So let’s Analyse the “Future Of Blogging In 2022”

Many of Online & Offline Magazines have published article with the title “Blogging is Dead”.

Those posts are Creating Fear for many new Internet Marketers & Bloggers.

So why those magazines are publishing those articles?

The reason is, they are publishing articles according to the researched topic of Google Trends.

See the statistic Screenshot of the term “Blogging” given below.

Blogging intrest

You may see the term ”Blogging” interest is drop down over the period.

So don’t worry, keep reading the article you will definitely know what’s the reason behind it.

Back in 2006 and 2007, very few people knew about the blogging industry. But, after 2010 and 2011 blogging started getting its popularity.

So, during 2006 and 2007 lots of people were searching for blogging because they didn’t know the meaning of blogging.

Also that time, people were curious to know what blogging is! Due to this, the term blogging started trending on a variety of platforms like Google, Youtube, Social Media, etc.

But after 2010 and 2011 blogging started getting popular and every internet user had a clear idea of blogging and websites and that’s the reason why not many people are searching the term blogging.

Do you know why blogging got popular in a short-term period?

This is due to the big media houses, Industries and MNC companies were Adopting Blogging as his their online marketing strategy.

Blogging attracted writers and non-writers to make a career in it.

If i talk about 2019, everyone has their own blog. Even older people have their own websites nowadays.

According to a report, every single day, more than 2.5 million blog post is being published.

Now you may have felt the “Growth of Blogging” day by day..

Nowadays, blogging is a great business and lots of big and famous brands have their own blog/website for promoting their products & service.

I think now you may have understood that blogging is still alive and it also growing day by day.

But the truth is, It’s insanely competitive…

So how can you stand with the Competition?

Let’s see…

how to start a blog guide

What is the Future of Blogging 2022? (10 Eyes opening strategy to survive & Grow)

From the above paragraph, we see Blogging is still alive and it’s one of the best online Career options ever seen before.

But we also analysed and found that it’s going to super competitive in upcoming years.

So here I am going to reveal some of the untapped tactics and great tricks that you should follow to stay away from the Competition.

Without taking more time let’s jump into the solution.

1)Create Different Content Formats.

types of content

We all know Content is the King and without great content, website, and blogs never loved by user and Google.

Also without any traffic, the conversion of a small blog to a successful money-making blog is impossible.

You have to create some interesting and engaging content for your readers.

So, if you create text content with different formats like- Infographics, Video, Podcast, Pdf then definitely a visitor spends more time on your page and also recommends it to others.

Because visitors only want great and useful content with good experience.

If you create well-optimized text content with some good images or videos then a reader appreciates your work and efforts by commenting the positive feedbacks on your blog post.

Creating unique content formats which the readers are interested in, is really very important on the basis of competition.

So do focus on it.

2)Write For People Not For Google.

relevance for people

You know it is one of the biggest reasons why many bloggers failed to rank high on search engines and didn’t able to drag traffic.

Nowadays Google algorithm works on user signal & user experience.

So that you have to create well-optimized and problem-solving content according to your searcher’s needs.

By this method, the website visitors get useful and necessary values from your article and the visitor stay more time on your web page which gives a positive signal to Google to rank your page.

So try to write Articles that are optimized for Google and valuable for the audience/visitors also.

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3)Stick on One Niche.

niche blog

Stick on one Niche is a really very important factor to get quick exposure in your Growth.

The majority of people make lots of mistakes while choosing a Niche/Topic for their site.

When you are going to choose any niche you should surely analyze the market demands and your passion for that particular niche because if you are passionate about your Niche, then only you can be able to write amazing articles that create sense and consistency for longer duration because blogging takes some time to provide positive results.

And after choosing one niche you just try to write more and more valuable stuff on that particular topic and try to stick on that particular niche for a longer time.

That’s how you can be able to make your website popular and global.

You know Both google & people love Authorized websites.

So be focused on a Single topic.

a2 hosting banner

4)Be an Expert in Keyword Research.

keyword research

If you want to achieve your Blogging Goal in the competitive edge, then you have to be an expert in keywords finding.

Lots of people made mistakes in finding appropriate keywords for there Blog post. But you can find them on many online latest webmaster tools available e.g.Ubersuggest, Semrush.

If you want to write a well-optimized post then you have to be strong in Keyword Researching Process.

Always choose low competitive and “Long tail keywords” for your blog posts.

If you really want to be a master in the keyword research process then I suggest you read the “Backlinko Keyword Research Guide.”

After reading it, the guide tries to implement those tactics for finding the best keyword for your blog post.

Always keep this in mind that you should look up your competitors before finalizing any keyword.

5)Write Well Research & Unique Content.

well article

You know content creation is one of the top-notch and time-taking work.

Just you need to practice it for a long time to get succeeded in this field.

If you want your blog to be noticed by Industries and influencers then you have to write well and researched unique articles with a minimum of 2500 words because of long and thorough articles Rank better on Google(by analyzing).

You might be knowing that most of the bloggers want to share descriptive blog post so that many experts recommended to write a thorough article.

Also, the quality is better than quantity.

So try to invest your time in writing high-quality unique content with easy to understand(simple)words on your website.

While writing Remember one thing “Be a problem solver’’.

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6)Add value to your Content.

add value

Can you tell me why People are Coming to Your Blog?

You have to create a Reason for it…

The reason is ”Value”.

People want valuable information about there problems.

If you are able to add proper value in visitors’ life with the help of your Blog, then visitors easily trust on you and also recommend your blog to other people.

Now I am sure you may have understood what’s the Importance of value in Blogging or any Business Industry.

So start creating some value for your readers through your content.

7)Create a Content Distribution Funnel.

promotional funnel

Why are you writing Content or investing time in creating content? The reason is getting more traffic towards your blog and start earning.


But after writing & publishing amazing stuff you don’t get much traffic.

The reason is you are not investing your time in Content distribution.

After creating any content you have to promote it by sharing it with your friends, relatives, groupmates, social media pages, etc.

Also, for promoting the content you have to create a “CONTENT PROMOTION FUNNEL.”

In the Content Promotion Funnel, you need to add some social channels or websites where you can spread your article.

Social Media Channels, Email list, Guest Blogging, Directory Submission, Influencer Outreach is the best way to spread your blog post easily.

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8)Create Pillar Content.

pillar article

Pillar Content means a series of similar and high-quality Blog post-Interlinked with Each other.

For creating Pillar content you have to write lots of case study and research-based information on a single topic.

Generally, Pillar contents are more than the 5000 or 8000 words article. (With tons of value)

Pillar Content is similar to mini Ebook.

For creating a successful pillar content you have to use some good images & videos. By doing this a reader gets deeply engaged in your blog post for a long time.

Also, Pillar contents get 10x more shares than normal content.

You know pillar content helps you to Rank on Google’s 1st page by which you will get lots of passive traffic in the future.

So start building long valuable pillar content for your blog.

9)Build a Brand.

create a brand

Everyone loves Brand, even Google.

You should know that Google loves to rank branded sites over ordinary sites.

Big brands tend to higher rankings.

So start Building a Brand then you will notice your every article getting ranked instantly without creating any backlinks.

70% of the people buying products & services are from only Branded websites.

Now Google is more focused on branded sites because Authorative/branded sites publish original and valuable content for the user.

But building a brand is not actually easy.

You need to work consistently and put helpful content for a long time, then you can able to make a Trustworthy Brand.

It’s a Long Journey…

10)Treat Blogging As a Business.

You have to believe that Blogging is a Real Business.

On a physical store, a product is their Goods, but in Blogging “content” is your product.

You need to be serious about your blog then you can expect good traffic & revenue also.

Try to use premium themes, quality hosting and Easy to remember Domain name for your personal brand and product.

If you have some money then try to invest in your blog promotion.

Also, write a well researched and high-quality articles with eye-catching & attractive images.

Do everything professionally then you can see a better result in the future.


faq on blogging

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the future of blogs?” answer-0=”Future of blog is super solid no doubt but we all know video content is consumed more and more but that doesn’t mean blogs are going to die,…it’s not there are many people in the globe who want quick or more in-depth information or any specific subject knowledge they definitely going to read blogs but i would recommend you to create video content and embedded with your blog that serve more value to the user.” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is blogging dead?” answer-1=” Blogging Is Not Dead; It’s Simply Reincarnated…it’s still growing every single day because people want more and more content on daily basis ” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What has replaced Blogging?” answer-2=”The rise of social media, video sharing, and streaming (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) seem to have replaced blogging, but that is not the truth – Blogging has only evolved”. headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”How much investment required to start a blog?” answer-3=”To start a blog you need 2 things domain & hosting & it cost you around 5k/year” ” count=”4″ html=”true”]

Let’s wind up.

Here we discussed that Blogging is still Alive and the Future of Blogging Is super Solid but the problem is competition.

Competition is one of the biggest reasons due to which lots of Bloggers quit their Blogging Journey in just one year.

But you have to believe that Blogging is a Serious Business it takes at least 3 years to 5 years to make it a successful Brand.

Take any big bloggers example in your Niche they never succeed within months or within a year only.

Also, you may know the quote-> ”Rome wasn’t built in a Day” It takes countless efforts and years to build a big city like Rome.

So, never quit…

You can’t stop the competition in the Blogging field but you can do the best possible ways to get succeeded in blogging.

In this post, I already gave you 10 creative ways that help you to Build a Successful Blog.

If you want to Start a Blog then start it ”TODAY” because ”Today” is the best day that never comes again

If you are already a blogger and stuck by the competition then follow my above tactics on your blog to stay ahead from the competition.

Start a blog today because the future of blogging in 2022 will be super solid and profitable.


Future of Blogging in 2022: It's Not What you are Wandering. 1

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