How to create a website free of cost in India?(a to z guide)2019

How to create a website free of cost in India?(a to z guide)2019

I think you are looking for some practical Information on, How to create a website free of cost?

Am I right??

If yes, then you just landed at the right place...

Creating a Website is the first step to start your business or execute Million-dollars Ideas online.

So that many people are looking for some exact steps on How to create a website free of cost?

But is it possible to create a website free of cost?

Yes, It is...

But I never ever recommending anyone to Start a free website.(lots of reasons behind it that i tell you later In this post)

Don't worry still i will guide you (step by step) How you can build your website without any Investment.

So, without much ado let's dive right into the post.

How to Create a website free of cost-(It's Really Simple)

how to create a blog for free of cost

For building a free website you need to do 3 things for it:

  • Select your free website building platform.
  • Connect with them and get your free Sub-domain.
  • Design or Customize your Site.

  Above are the steps to create a website free of cost aka, without any Investment.

So let's Deeply go through those steps.

1)Selecting your free Website Building platform.

In the internet market there are lots of free website builder are available that gives you a chance to create a website at zero cost.

So let's talk about some famous and trusted Website Builder platform, that after we will discuss which one to choose and why.

Top Website Building Platform:-

  • Blogger.
  • WordPress.
  • Wix.
  • uKit.
  • Weebly.

Okay now let's discuss (one by one) on above listed website builder features and service they offer.


Blogger or [] is one of the Site builder tool that powered by Google.

It is an article publishing platform and allows you to create your own Blog or Website with a Sub-domain

By using blogger you can publish content on various language on your website and it's provides more than 60 language.

Google provides lots of themes and customization options for free of cost to make your site looks good.

But there are Certain limitation available on blogger platform ,that may stop your website growth.

In terms of monetization you can use Google Advertisement program to monetize your website.

Still it's better to use this platform to start your Website/Blog at free of cost.


If you are looking for one of the most popular and used CMS in the world then WordPress is in the lead.

It's an open-source CMS which is completely free and anyone can use this platform without paying a single dollar.

Through WordPress you can build a good looking & professional website with some clicks, it's really very simple.

WordPress comes with two features one is Self-hosted that is "" & another one is non-Self-hosted that is "".

In the Self Hosted you need to buy one domain hosting and then you can Install WordPress on it.

Benefits of Self-hosted Website.

->You get a professional domain according to your choice.

->More Security.

->More & More features with Customization option.

->You have the total control of your site.

->Your Website Run very smoothly without so much break.

->More monetization opportunity.

Problem with Non-Self-hosted WordPress.

->You get a Sub-domain-like- []

->Limited Control.

->Very fewer features & no customization option.

->Your website run very slowly & not optimize.

->No security.

So after knowing all the things the decision is yours. (I am recommending you to go with self-hosted

For starting a self-hosted WordPress website i am recommending you to go with for domain & hosting.


Wix is one of the top-rated Website building tools & it's founded in 2006.

Mainly it is popular due to its drag and drops site builder features that make website development work super easy.

So through Wix, you can build your own website free of cost.

Here also you can monetize your website but there is a certain limitation on it.

​​Wix also provides his paid plans where they offer more specialties & reliability.

In the free version of Wix you can't get any type of support system.


If you are a business owner and want to create a website for free of cost then uKit may be a great option for you.

This website development platform is perfectly customized & design for creating  beautiful stunning websites.

uKit definitely full-fills your free website development requirement very easily & efficiently.

It contains perfect SEO optimized themes & templates that help you to design your free website.

Also it comes with drag & drop tool that makes development works hassle free.


Weebly is a San Francisco based website building & hosting providing platform that founded in 2006.

As like above CMS, it is one type of website builder platform where you can build your website for free of cost.

Really you can build your website within 5 to 10 mins without having any coding skill and it also allows you to build an online store for free.

Creating a Website on Weebly is much simpler than any other site builder because it completely operates on Drag & Drop.

It also provides you many extra features, tools and designing elements with it's pro version.

          In above we converse on various website builder tool that help you to create a website for free of cost.

But from 4 above listed tool which one is easy, secure and better to go with.

My recommendation is and for free website creation & for professional/self-hosted web development.

Okay, but here i only share the detailed step by step guide on how to start a free website on platform)

Get start the tutorial...

                                              Related image​​​

Create a free Website on min tutorial)

In this part of the editorial, i will show you exactly how you can build your free website with blogger platform without much hassle.


create a free blog on blogspot

For creating a website/blog on Blogspot your 1st step is to create your free blogger account.

So search "" on Google and open it, you will see above like Image & then click on the "Create your blog" button.

After that choose one of your Google accounts to start your blog.


After choosing your Google account you need to confirm your profile/Create your profile, for that fill up your name in the box. (your given name will be displayed on your website)

continue to blogger

That after click on the Continue to blogger button.


After that click on the create a new blog button as like below Image.

create a new blog


Now a below-looking screen will open.

start a blog with blogger

So give your Unique website address & name.(do according to the Image)

One Important thing here, your website name must be Unique by that you will get a blue tick & you can able to start your website.

That after choosing anyone of the theme & click on the Create a blog button.


After clicking on the Create a blog button you can see the below looking Interface on your desktop or any device.


Now your free Website set-up process is done!! , also your blog is live on the Internet and you can check by click on the "View Blog" button.(that's on the above-left corner) or you can directly search your website URL on any search engine.


After completing your website set-up process now the time to design and control your blog.

Your all the blog control settings button is available on the left side of your website Interface.

According to your use & requirement, you can use those button.


Now come to one Important part, where you can publish your new content?

let's see...

For publishing new content on your blog first of all you need to click on the post section & that after a click on the New post button.

Check you got a below-looking screen on your device.

Now start publishing new content there.


Now come to the customization part, how can you customize your complete Website.

Let's check...

First of all go to the theme option that available on the left hand side, Scroll down and choose one theme & click on the Customise option.

After that start editing your template according to your need...(super easy!!)


Right now the time to create some Important pages for your Website.

So, go to the pages section and click on Add new page button & create some Important pages like, About us, Contact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer etc...

In the About us section you can Write about yourself & your company, In contact us page you have to provide your contact details, In the privacy policy you need to mention about the visitors privacy(data collection terms) & In the disclaimer you need to mention about your earning process.

So create those pages on your website & make your site looks serious & professional.

That's successfully created your own free website on blogspot platform.

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