How To Start A Blog In India 2022

Are you Interested In learning how to start blogging in India 2022?

If yes…(you landed at the correct page to learn about how to start a blog in India & make money out of it)

But before Going to discuss about the steps to start a blog, let me tell you some facts on blogging.

Do you know,

In the Internet Era, blogging is one of the Best career options Nowadays?

Many people started their own Blog online and make it a Full-time profession for him.

Over the world, lots of people quit their High Paying permanent jobs and become a full-time Blogger.

I am pretty sure now you may think why?…what was the reason(I know now your excitement level is on high)

The main reason behind is quite straight forward: Blogging Make them Happy and also help theme to quit their Boring 9to6 job and Give Time & Financial Freedom.

Wow!! Really Awesome

I know, you may be think Blogging is such an amazing Thing…

Yes, Absolutely…

It’s really Fabulous.

Literally, you enjoy a lot if you are a Blogger

So that Blogging has the potential to change your Life completely and Make you an Online Entrepreneur.

Hmm, Entrepreneur…Sounds Good Right?

But to get all these Achievements, You need to start a blog First.

And here I help you to build your own blog professionally from scratch.

Believe me, starting a Blog is just like ”Playing a Child”.

Because nowadays lots of Content management system are introduced and that makes blogging super easy to start.

So in this Guide, I will describe all about “How to start Blogging in India & make money”(STEP BY STEP)

Attention:-The Following steps will help you in learning how to start blogging in India 2022 and make money & you don’t need to hire any web designer or agency for it. Just follow the below procedure:)

how to start a blog make money

Before going to set up your Blog let’s talks about Benefits & future of Blogging.

Okay, let’s Thoroughly discuss…

Benefits & Future Of Blogging.

Here I am Going to Giving you a Small summary about Benefits of Blogging means by doing blogging what will you Achieve.

Ok, let’s dive into the post…

Keep a look at a quick summary of the benefits of blogging.

->Through Blogging, you can showcase your Skill in fronts of Thousands of online People.

->You can Build an Authority around your Niche/Topic and establish thought leadership.

->It helps you Build a Relationship with your Visitors.

->You can Attract thousands of people towards your Blog and make money from it.

->Blogging can give you Time & Financial Freedom.

->You can Make Good connection with Industry Expert.

->Help you Build Your online community.

->You can generate Leads for your Offline Business through Blogging.

->You will get popularity on your Niche.

->You can make money while you sleep/traveling/playing video games or doing anything (aka PASSIVE INCOME)

And many more benefits you will get if you are doing blogging.

Okay, Now Let’s Discuss some points on what will be the Future of Blogging.

Honestly speaking now Blogging is very Competitive so that many of says all Blogging Niches are Saturated and Some Big Industry Magazines publishing article like “Blogging is Dead”.

So that Future of Blogging is one of the Controversial Topic.

The reason is, Different people share Different opinion on Future of blogging and No one tells what’s the Actual fact is.

According to the Big Industry Influencer“Future of Blogging is super solid & blogging is the best way to generates leads and inbound traffic”.

But the Competition will Increase by the Time.

If you really want to know about the Future of blogging then I want to suggest you Read one of my Article on Blogging Future.

Because before Starting Blogging you need to know more about his Future.

In terms of me, the future of blogging is “Micro Niche Blog”…that means create blog on a very specific topic.

Now I damn sure, you don’t have any doubt about “Blogging is profitable or not” & you can easily take your decision to start blogging.


Now let’s begin the tutorial “How to start a blog in India” (step by step)

How to Start a Blog in India 2022(Step by Step Tutorial)-The Easy way!!

In this part of the article, we briefly discuss on below topics.

Well, Let’s start With the Blog Set-up Guide.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is A-Day-in-the-Life-of-a-Blogger-1-410x1024.png

For Building a blog you need 2 things first Domain & Hosting & after purchasing it you need to choose the best CMS(content management system) to make your Blog live on the Internet””.

Okay let’s move to our 1st topic “How to choose & buy the domain name”

STEP1:-Choosing a Domain name & Hosting(Complete buying & set-up process)

Choosing & buying domain name

Well, Now the time to choosing the domain name for your blog.

Frankly speaking,

Choosing a domain name is not a very easy task as a newbie, you need to find out the perfect name according to your topic.

By selecting a topic-specific domain name your visitors can easily recognise what you discuss in your website. (Means what’s all about your brand)

Here I am giving you a topic-specific domain name example:-↔(from this domain you may clear “” discuss only on blogging stuff.

From the above example, you may clarify what is Topic/Niche specific domain name and what are the benefits.

So, for your blog always try to choose your Niche specific domain name, by that people easily recognise your brand.

You can also generate domain name ideas from the domain research tool.

But before going to choose any blog name try to avoid below mistakes:-

  • Don’t choose any difficult to pronounce domain name.
  • Keep your domain name short & sweet.{with in 10 letter}
  • Never use hyphens in your domain name.
  • If possible buy .com domain name or any country-specific domain.

Now, I think you may clear how to choose a domain name for your blog.

Well, Okay now let’s discuss how to buy a domain & hosting for your blog, as it is our 1st step to get started…

Before we dig deeper, first of all, let’s know what is domain & Hosting.

DOMAIN:-It actually the name of your website/Blog, by that people recognize or find you by searching your name on the search engine. Some example of the domain name is,,, etc…So you need to buy your domain name according to your chosen name.But always buy domain name with the extensions .com, .org, .net, .edu, .us, .uk, .in(or any country-specific you can choose)

HOSTING:- A blog or a website is a collection of pages, files, documents, and data, but you ever think where those things are stored?. Those all are saved in a web server & for getting a web server you need to buy a web hosting for it…Also, you need to choose a best, secure & trusted web hosting for your Blog.

So above 2 things are mandatory to start a blog In India.

Now you may be thinking about where to buy a premium quality domain & hosting for your blog.

Okay, don’t worry about it much.

In the Current market HOSTINGER.In Is the best hosting to start a blog in India

I Recommend to start your blogging journey because of it’s affordable price, Better loading time, High Security, 99.9% Uptime and responsive contact support and the important thing is i personally using to host my websites.

I also wrote a complete review on Siteground hosting on my blog and discuss every single details there.(do checkout)

Why I am recommending Hostinger.

How To Start A Blog In India 2022 1

Premium & fastest web hosting.{Site load within 1sec}

100% Uptime Guarantee. (Your site runs without any break)

Provide free CDN, that makes your site super fast.

24*7 Award-winning technical support.

1-Click WordPress Installation.

Top class Security features.

Free SSL certificate & migration service.

Using the latest Technology(Php 7.3rc)

So much affordable price(75% Discount for new Buyer)

Top Entrepreneurs & WordPress Recommended hosting company.

100% User satisfaction rate.

30 days money back guarantee.

Also, check some below screenshots of the Facebook poll. (Which Hosting is better?)

siteground best hostingsiteground reviewsiteground twitter reviewsiteground twitter review

Now after checking the above screenshots, you may confirm why I am recommending Siteground to all of you.

I think now you can take your decision to build your blog through Siteground hosting.

Okay, now I will guide you with screenshots(step by step), How can you buy Siteground domain & hosting to start a blog.

Let’s dive right in to the post…

STEP1:- First of all visit the Siteground pricing page & select a plan according to your Requirement.

siteground hosting

If you are a Newbie blogger & you just want to start then go for STARTUP plan only & once your blog traffic will increase then you can move on to Growbig or Gogeek plan.

Now click on the “Get plan” Button.

After clicking on “Get plan” Button come to the 2nd step…

STEP2:-Select your Domain name.

siteground domain

So Now enter the domain name that you Want to buy… like mine->‘’

Suppose, If your Blog name is Government job alert, then select a domain similar to your site name, like- “”

After selecting one Domain name click on the Proceed button.

Now come to the 3rd step.

STEP3:- Fill up Account Information.

create siteground account

In the Siteground page, now you can see the above Image…Right?

That one is your 1st billing page.

So fill up your all the details, that was asking on the page & by that your Siteground account will Set-up completely.

Now come to the next step.

STEP4:- Enter your Card Information.

Siteground payment information

Make sure you must have a CREDIT CARD for the payment.

Now fill all the asking details of your credit card.

After that, you get another page where you can see product purchase information

siteground hosting

The above screenshot is all about your product information & In the extra services box don’t TICK for SG Site Scanner because it will cost you more 19.80$.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is payment-information.png

See, you need to pay 62.35$, approx(4,300rupee)

For confirming this purchase you need to Tick both options (According to above Image) & now click on the PAY NOW button.

Now hold on for a few seconds,,, This process takes some time. (Do Not Refresh the page until it’s done)

SiteGround Hosting Purchased

After a few seconds check, if you get above screen on your device then Congrats “Everything is set up now”(You successfully purchased Siteground hosting)

Also, check out your Email for some more details about your purchased products & Account setting.

Then after, you need to follow my below procedure to make your website live on the Internet.

STEP2:-Choosing the best CMS(WordPress)& Installing process(Quick tutorial)

best cms

To make your blog live on the web world you need to Install a best CMS(content management system)on your hosting C-panel.

Have you heard CMS word for the first time? don’t worry I will give you a short summary on CMS.

What Is CMS?

First of all, CMS stand for the content management system which is a software program and created for managing & designing web contents or digital contents. By the help of the CMS, you can totally control your hole website very easily without any coding skill(that’s it)

In the online market, there are lots of CMS software available, but I am only recommending WordPress to Install on your hosting.


  • It’s totally free.
  • It is Easy to use.
  • Beginners friendly(No coding skill required)
  • In WordPress, plugins makes your life easy.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Top notch Security.
  • Experts Recommended.

Above are the most important reasons to use WordPress to start your Blog.

Pie chart where to build a blog

Also, check the above pie-chart, you can see 52% of people are using WordPress and you know WordPress has more than 72 million active users till date.

So now you may know what’s the benefits to Use WordPress to start your blog.

Right now I am going to giving you a step by step tutorial to Install & Set-up WordPress & make your blog lIve.

Okay, get started the Guide…

⇒Wordpress Installation process:[With Screenshots]

wordpress installation process

Here we will discuss how you can Install WordPress on your Hosting.

Let’s start…

Once your buying process is done, you may be seen the below-looking Image.

Just check it out.

12 Set Up Your New Startup Hosting Account

Now follow the below procedure…(According to the above Image)

→Click on the start a new website option.

→Select the WordPress widgets for start a blog on wordpress(As shown on the Image)

→Now enter your account details for setting-up New WordPress account.(As shown on the below Image)

How To Start A Blog In India 2022 2

→Click on the Confirm button below.

After clicking on the Confirm button then you will get another Image like below.

SiteGround Complete Setup

Now Siteground automatically Installed WordPress for you. (Your Blog is almost ready!)

As shown on the above Image you need to click on the Complete set-up button.

After that, you will get one Dialog box where you have to Click on Proceed to customer area option.

Ready to use

Now It will take you to your Siteground Account.

Then click on Go to admin panel option. (According to the below Image)


After clicking on the Go to admin panel option, you will get a below-looking screen on your device.

WordPress Login

So now enter your WordPress username & Password that you make earlier in the above steps & click on the Login button.

After Clicking on the login option you will redirect to the WordPress dashboard.

Finally, your hosting account is ready to use & your WordPress blog set up process is successfully Done!!

Note:-Bookmark your WordPress dashboard URL & your URL look like this-

Okay, now let’s take a quick tour of your new WordPress dashboard.

So just search on Google->, that after below looking screen will open.

WordPress Login

Now just fill up your WordPress login details and click on Blue Login Button.

After login to your WordPress dashboard, it looking like below. (check once)

wordpress dashboard

After all, everything is Set-up.

Now let’s go through the following topics:-

  • Installing & Customizing the WordPress theme.
  • Creating Important pages(About us, Contact us)
  • How to choose the right blogging Niche/topic to write.
  • Adding Some essential WordPress plugins.
  • How to write a perfect on-page optimized Article.
  • Article promotion techniques. (Infographics)
  • How to make money from a blog as a beginner. (Infographics)
  • The FAQ on how to start a blog.


Come with me,,, now i am going to deep dive on the above topic.

STEP3:-Installing & Customizing the WordPress theme.

wordpress theme install

Now you just finishing create a new blog.


But it’s the time to customize the complete blog & make it look awesome for your visitors.

(I know your site comes with a default WordPress theme but the problem is, it’s not optimized & mobile responsive)

Gone are the days where you just write a simple blog post is enough to get attention of visitors.

In today’s date, there is over a billion blog on the Internet, so why someone visit a poor looking site.

So, now you need to take care of User experience, (it’s one of the biggest SEO matrices).

Before going to Customize your WordPress blog, figure out some best mobile responsive, lightweight & SEO friendly themes.

In my Suggestion, I am recommending you to use Generatepress pro theme to customize your complete website.

Because Generatepress comes with a lightweight Interface & highly SEO optimized features, that make your Site super easy to load and also gives you ranking boost on Google.

So always go with a paid theme because you can Customize your site as much as you can.

[Here I am not only recommending Generatepress, but you can go with some other affordable premium themes providers like Mythemeshope]


Now let’s move towards the tutorial on how to Install the Theme on WordPress.

Theme Installation process:-

Go to the Appearance section that’s available in the WordPress dashboard.

After that click on the Themes.

Now click on the Add new button.

15 Install A WordPress Theme

For download, any free Theme Choose any one of those themes & click on the Install button & after that activate it.

16 Upload A WordPress Theme

For Installing premium themes, first of all, buy Generatepress or elegant theme, after buying you will get a ZIP FILE, then click on the above Upload Theme button & upload that zip file, it will automatically Installed & that after activating it. (Simple)

Now your Installed theme active on your Website.

If you want to Customize your theme professionally, then go to the appearance section & click on Customize option.

Now you can able to Customize your theme according to your requirement.

If you want to Customize your Generatepress Theme then follow the below video.

Right now i will go through how to create Important pages for your website/blog.

STEP4:-Creating Important pages(About us, Contact us)

Important pages for a website

Here In this section we discuss what are some Important pages you need to add to your website & why.

So let’s start…

Especially there are 3 to 4 Important pages you need to create for your Website.

Those pages are,

  • About Us.
  • Contact Us.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Disclaimer.

You might be thinking why those pages are Important to create and add in a website.

Well, let’s get the answer…

About Us page:- It is a Must needed page for Individual website owners & Organization, by the help of a about us or About me page visitors know about you & your organization.

Contact Us page:- A business or a Individual Website owners must have a Contact us/ Contact me page on their Site, It helps visitors, Advertiser or a potential Customer to contact you.

Privacy policy page:- Privacy policy page comes under legal page, it’s really crucial if you are running an Online business. In privacy policy page you need to mention how you collect data from your visitors & also how you uses those data.

Disclaimer page:- If you are making money from your Blog or Website then you need to disclose those earning ways in this page, if you are making money from advertisement then or affiliate or may be service then mention clearly.

  Now you may be clear what’s the use of above mentioned pages & why It’s Important for your Website or Blog.Okay now let’s know how you can create those pages for your Website.First of all, go to the WordPress dashboard and then click on the page section and then add a new page. That’s it…Now you can able to create your own pages through WordPress.Okay, now the time to move towards our next & very much crucial topic, How to choose the best Niche/topics to Write.STEP5:-How to choose the right blogging Niche/topic to write.

How to Choose a profitable Niche

Niche or topic finalizing for your blog is one of the easy & also challenging work and that’s also decide your success in blogging.So how can you Choose the best Niche for your blog?Just check it out the below points before finalizing any Niche for your blog.

Check Out Before Finalizing any Niche

  • Choose a topic that you actually enjoy while talking about that.
  • Do some market research & find outs the demand of your topic.
  • Make sure your chosen topic should be profitable
  • Try to go with a narrow and smaller Niche.(by that you can easily grow it)

In a nutshell “(passion+knowledge+profitability=Your perfect Niche)

So before finalizing your blogging Niche i want to tell you one thing, don’t choose a niche/topic where you haven’t any interest or knowledge about that topic.

Because In blogging passion is the fuel that makes you motivated to work in the long term.

The reason is, In the initial days you can’t able to make money from your Blog(It’s super hard).

To make money from your blog it takes around 3 to 6 months.

Without money you may be demotivated and failed to continue your writing.

So passion is the only things that keep you motivated and push you to move forward.

Heck, follow the above strategy to find out your Niche for blogging.

Okay fine, Now let’s discuss on some Important & must needed plugins for your WordPress Blog.

STEP6:-Added Some essential WordPress plugins.

install wordpress plugins

Now everything is set-up completely, so let’s look on some essential plugins that you need to set up on your Website.

Before Install any plugins in your WordPress blog, My duty is to Understand you what is plugin & why you need to Install them.

Okay, come on discuss it well…

Plugin:-A plugin is a small software program which is used for add-ons some Important features In your WordPress Website…Plugins are really very essential to make your Website feature loaded and Good looking.

I think now you don’t have any doubt on what is plugins and what are their uses.

So, now let’s discuss on some Important WordPress Plugins that you need to Install on your site.


Must Need WordPress Plugins

  • SEO plugin.(Rank Math)
  • Analytics plugin.(Google Analytics)
  • Social Share Plugin.(social snap)
  • Cache plugin.(Wp Rocket)
  • Email Capture.(Mail munch/hello bar)
  • Backup plugin.(Updrafts plus)
  • Security plugin.(Wordfence)
  • Content Designing. (Thrive Architect)
  • Spam protector.(Akismit)

Okay let’s discuss little bit about above WordPress plugins…

1)RankMath:-It is an SEO plugin by mythemeshop, this plugin helps you in optimizing your complete website and Individual pages. We all know SEO is a very important part of our blog success so that here i am recommending you to Install Rankmath SEO plugin on your site.

2)Google Analytics:- It is a plugin that helps you to connect your website with Google Analytics and show you all the traffic reports & stats of your Website. That helps you in Understanding your user and how much traffic your website getting on a daily basis.

3)Social Snap:- In this Internet era, social media plays an important role in driving traffic and sharing contents worldwide. If your website has social sharing Icon then anyone can easily share your blog post and that’s Increase your overall website traffic and popularity.

4)Wp Rocket:- Do you know the Importance of website speed nowadays, it’s one of the top Google ranking factors. So to boost your website loading speed i would want to recommend Wp Rocket plugin, it’s a premium plugin that helps you in optimizing your website speed and almost every pro blogger uses this plugin.

5)Email Capture Plugin:- Capturing email from your website visitors is really very crucial, by that you can get back your visitors to your website again and again. So for capturing emails, there are lots of free and paid plugins available but here i am recommending to use Mailmunch or Hello bar plugin to get started.

6)Updraft Plus:– In the world of the Internet nothing is secure, so you just need to take a backup of your website so that to take backup here i am recommending you to Install Updraft Plus free WordPress backup plugin.

7)Wordfence:- As a webmaster website security is our no1 priority, so to protect the website from hackers, spammer and malware here i am recommending to use Wordfence to protect your website security.

8)Thrive Architecture:- It is one of my most favorite WordPress plugins. It helps in creating amazing looking web pages and also landing page, it’s a premium plugin provided by If you want to make your website looks amazing then thrive architecture is my no1 recommendation.

9)Akismet:- Once you stared posting blogs on your website you will continuously get spam comments, so to get rid out of this problem you can use Akismet WordPress plugin

Above listed plugins are some handpicked essential plugins, that you need to Install on your Blog or Website to add some Important features & make your blog looks professional.

Now let’s come to a quick tutorial…(How to Install a Free plugin)

How to Install a Plugin.

->In your WordPress Dashboard click on Plugins and then click on add new plugins…(Now you may see a below looking screen)

wordpress plugin install

->That after search your desire Plugins and Install them directly…(Easy!!)

Okay, now let’s talk about how you can write an optimized article in your blog.

STEP7:-How to write a perfect on-page optimized Article.

Now you completely set-up & design your WordPress Blog & right now the time to learn how to write a well SEO optimized article.I think you may heard SEO term for the first time?Well,(no problem) here i will give you a small summary on SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, through various SEO techniques you can rank your web pages on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…SEO is a very Big ocean but there are 3 techniques used mostly while optimizing a page or Complete site…Those techniques are 1)On page 2)Off-page 3)Technical SEO.You need to learn and Implement the above 3 techniques to master in the SEO game.I know you may be feeling overwhelmed…Right?Don’t worry I already told you SEO is a big ocean & Long term game. (It takes time to learn)So, here i only guide you on how you can write an On page optimized article for your website. (In an easy way!!) Because writing an on-page optimized article is your first step towards SEO & after mastering in On page, you can be started learning the various aspect of SEO easily.

Okay let’s discuss how you can Write a proper On page optimized article for your Blog.

Okay Fine, follow below procedures to learn how to write a blog post that is well optimized for SEO.

Content Writing Checklist:-

  1. 1Find out your target keyword and some variance of your target keyword.
  2. 2Deeply research SERP and find out some content gaps that made by your competitor and try to cover that gaps on your Article.
  3. 3Try to Write a Thorough and descriptive content on your target keyword that satisfies User Intent.
  4. 4Use your Focus/target keyword in the first 100 and last 100 words of your Article.(Naturally)
  5. 5sprinkle all the synonyms keywords in your whole article naturally.
  6. 6Use your main keyword in the title, Url & Meta description and (also adds some modifiers In your Title.)
  7. 7Also, Use your Focus keyword In any one headings(H1/H2/H3/H4/H5/H6)
  8. 8Make sure to add some relevant keywords on your Image.(Image alt tag)
  9. 9Try to add a q&a section on your article and solve mostly asked questions on that topic.
  10. 10Add more value on your content by adding Stats, facts, news, Charts etc…
  11. 11Make your content more visual reach by adding Compelling Images, Infographics.
  12. 12Create different Content formats like Pdf, Videos, Podcast, etc…
  13. 13Always write in Active voice.
  14. 14Don’t Write more than 300 or 400 words in a heading.
  15. 15Break down the long sentence into smaller and single line & also highlighted some Important words in your Article.
  16. 16Use Easy to readable Fonts on your article. (Some of the best fonts- Muli, Roboto, Lato, Lora, Playfair, etc.)
  17. 17Write a small Summary of your total article in the Conclusion part.

Now I will show you where you can write and publish your blog posts.

For writing your blog post go to the post section in your WordPress dashboard & click on the Add new button for writing/ publishing new articles.

Well, now i am pretty sure you can able to write your first article using above content writing checklist.

But after writing a blog post you need to promote your content with the right audience, to getting Interested visitors.

So let’s converse about how you can promote your blog post with targeted Audience.

STEP8:-Blog post promotion techniques.(Check list)

You know one thing, creating a well optimized articles is not just enough, you need to grab the user attention.


For getting targeted users to your article you need to learn & Implement some Article/Blog post pro+motion strategy.

So here In this part, I will guide you how you can promote your blogs for getting targeted & quality traffic.

(let’s start)…

  • Effectively use of Social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Try to make some video content related to your article and publish video on Youtube and add link of your blog post there.
  • Install a push notification plugins and collects subscribers & when you publish any new content then it’s send notifications to your subscribers.
  • Collects emails from your blog visitors and provide them weekly or monthly newsletter & in the Newsletter you can share your blog post.
  • Do blog commenting on relevant sites with your post url.
  • Some time write for other site as a guest blogger and add your relevant link there.
  • Try to Interact with other bloggers on your niche and help them in promoting their content and you will get same things in return.
  • Join some directory and forum and start helping people by providing contents and some time provides link of your post.
  • Create a profile on and start answering questions that related to your blog contents and add your website URL their.

Some Paid promotion methods:-

  • Effectively run Facebook Ads & drive Targeted visitors to your Blog post.
  • Use Google Search & Display Ads to promote your Blog post.(Mostly search Ad is very much effective to getting targeted Visitors)
  • Outreach to your Industry Youtube/Instagram Influencer and request them to promote your Blog with their Followers.

Try to use above listed promotion strategy to get traffic and Increase your brand visibility In the online World.

Now come to our last & most Important part of this guide, how to Monetize your blog as a beginner.

Without proper monetization Strategy, you can’t able to generate even 1$ from your Blog.

So,Come with me I will exactly show you how…

STEP9:-Blog Monetization Strategy(Step by Step process)

In this part of the editorial, i will show you how you can properly monetize your blog from scratch…(Step by step)

Give a look towards below checklist to know about blog monetization ways.

  • Use textual and display advertising networks & use their Ad codes on your blog.(When your visitors see or click on your display ads then you will make money)
  • Write & Publish Sponsored Article of other Company products and get paid according to your Website traffic.
  • Join some affiliate networks that available on your Niche and start promoting genuine & targeted products to your Audience.
  • Sell your Own products to your audience, that may be an Ebook or any Video course on your niche.
  • Provide some freelance Services like Writing, Graphic designing, Digital marketing, Advertising, SEO, Web development/App development, training and consulting etc…
  • Create an Advertising page on your Website and Sell Ad spaces of your site.
  • Be a Public speaker & make money by speaking and sharing your expertise on your Niche.
  • Do some paid Webinars and sell tickets to your Website visitors.
  •  Give some freebies to your web visitors and try to capture their email address & by the help of your visitors email you can promote different things to them.

In a nutshell “The more value you put eventually the more money you will make”(It’s as simple as that)

So try to create and provides some Value to your Audience by that you can create a loyal audience base…and once it’s done then believe me money flow towards you…

Now come to the last part of this complete editorial that is FAQs on how to start a blog in india.

FAQS on How to Start Blogging In India 2022

Using the FAQ in your chat bot will not work! - Chatbots Life

1)What’s the difference between a Blog & Website?

Technically Websites are static in nature and blogs are dynamic in nature means in a blog, contents are updating on a regular basis & peoples are frequently coming to read the new updates but in the case of the website, businesses showcase their products & services to promote their business online.

In a single word, blogs are developed for providing regular Information & websites are created for promoting any kind of business online.

A majority of the people still get confused between a website and a blog.

Nowadays, it is being very difficult to differentiate both, because the businesses are integrating the blogs on their websites.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

In short, we can say, blogs should be updated regularly with fresh and unique content.

For example, entertainment blog sharing latest songs/movies/programs or any company writing about their enterprise news.

Bloggers/writers and Businesses share the latest updates and information to the readers and prospective customers in a blog.

Readers get an opportunity to communicate with writers and prospective customers with businesses via blogs.

Businesses do update and post new articles less frequently compared to bloggers.

2)What’s the definition of a Blog?

In the beginning, a blog was a little more or different than a personal diary that people shared online.

In this online diary, people started talking about their day-to-day life or things they do or interested in.

However, businesses noticed a possibility to talk to their customers in a new way. So, began running a blog, in which sharing the information about their businesses’ products or services frequently.

=>A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is a web journal or informational website showing statistics in the opposite chronological order, with newest posts showing first.

In a Single sentence we can say ”A Informative page which is Updates Frequently with new & fresh Information”. (that’s all!)

In a blog writers can review, share their opinion or expertise on a particular topic or niche.

3)What’s the motive behind Start a Blog?

There are numerous motives for beginning a personal blog and only a handful of strong ones for businesses running a blog.

Blogging for commercial enterprise, initiatives, or something else that might bring you cash has a very straightforward purpose – to rank your website higher in search engines like Google, to increase your website’s online visibility.

As an enterprise, you rely on customers and hold them for buying your services and products.

As a new enterprise, you depend upon running a blog that will help you get to these consumers and seize their attention.

Without running a blog, your website could stay invisible, while running a successful blog makes you searchable.

So, the primary motive of a blog is to connect you to a significant audience. Another one is to reinforce your visitors and try converting them into potential leads to your website.

The more updated and valuable your blog posts are, the better the possibilities in your website to get found and visited by your audience. Because of this, a blog is an effective lead generation tool.

Create an excellent call to action (CTA) buttons, and it will convert your website visitors into leads.

But a blog additionally allows you to show off your authority and build a brand.

While you use your area of interest information for creating informative and tasty posts, it builds belief in your audience.

Excellent, engaging blogging makes your business appear greater, that’s specifically crucial if your brand is still new and fairly unknown.

Well, now we discuss how a blog look like?

4)What is the general structure of a Blog?

→ Header

→ Body

→ Footer

The look of blogs modified over time, and nowadays blogs consist of many things in it. Every blog will be different from others.

5)Is blogging profitable to start?

Blogging is profitable?

It is one of the first questions that appear before starting a blog.

Also, this question is pretty obvious.

Because when someone starts a blog or any kind of business, then the first thing hit to his mind is “Is this Business profitable or not?”

So it is the biggest pain point before starting a blog.

But here I am going to solve your burning problem and help you in making the right decision.

Okay, keep reading…In my experience Blogging is one of the best profitable online business nowadays.

Because you don’t need any huge amount of investment to start blogging, you can build your own blog within 50$ to 60$ by using Siteground hosting.

But scaling the blog and make it profitable is one of the time consuming & also the hardest thing.

That does not mean you can’t able to make money from your blog.

You can!!

But just you need to work patience fully on a consistent basis to see the positive result because blogging takes time & serious efforts, it’s not a “get rich quick method”.

Believe me, it takes time to give you the results or money that you want.

Okay!! Now I am going to show you some top bloggers who earn millions online and live a laptop lifestyle.

Let’s see…

You know in India lots of Blogger like Harsh Agrawal, Anil Agrawal, Kulwant Nagi, Amit Bhawani & many more are earning around $10k to $50k every single month.

And if I am talking about the average salary of an Indian employee who works for a good MNC then it will be around $10k to $15k per year.

So from the above example, you may know how much potential blogging has.

And that’s the difference between working for yourself & working for others.

6)How much money required to start a blog?

For starting a self-hosted blog you need to invest some amount on it, the minimum requirement to starting a blog is domain & hosting & while starting a blog you just need to invest your money on a good web hosting that provides you better speed, security, up-time & features.

If you go with Siteground to build your blog then you have to invest 63$ for one year. (Both domain & hosting).

7)I am not a techy, can i start a blog?

Big Yes,

For starting a blog you don’t need any type of coding or technical skill, just you need some basic understanding of WordPress, HTML & believe me once you started out you will learn with the time so don’t be hesitate.

8)Why is blogging so popular?

Blogging is growing day by day.

Nowadays, it is being used as a new way of sharing information to global audiences online.

As much businesses are able to keep the readers visit your website that many possibilities of increase in the value of your brand.

Also, there is a very good opportunity of converting the visitor into a potential lead as well as a customer also.


Let’s talk about some points on Blogging as a career option.

9)Blogging as a Career is a Right decision?

Blogging and bloggers have become hugely popular in the recent past.

People are choosing or it has become an alternative for many as a career.

Bloggers are the persons, who blog, run and maintain it.

Bloggers blog on the niche they have so passion or blog on behalf of the company if they get hired to do so by any.

Bloggers are getting well paid nowadays.

Some are earning income independently by monetizing their sites or by doing affiliate marketing and display advertising.

If I talk about market potential and scope, then I can undoubtedly say there is numerous of opportunity you can grab as a professional blogger.

So here we briefly discuss on Blogging and I hope you get some useful information.

Final Thoughts on How to Start Blogging In India.

Okay Guys, here our complete tutorial on how to start a blog and make money is complete.

In this extensive thorough guide we go through several steps which can be helpful for you to start a blog.

But in the final part of the Article i wan’t to tell you one thing “Blogging takes time and it’s a serious business so try to Invest some time and money on premium & quality web hosting like A2 Hosting

In my experience the more you Invest in the right things the more success you will get in the future…so never hesitate to invest in the correct way.

I hope you love to read this detailed Guide on how to start a blog in india from scratch.


Thank you:)

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