Siteground Gogeek Review: Is It Fit for your Website?

I recently bought the Siteground Gogeek plan for one of my Clients; thus i think why not to share my personal point of view on this hosting plan.

In this comprehensive Siteground Gogeek review, I will explain everything you must know before buying the Siteground Gogeek plan.

You know one Interesting thing is I personally use Siteground first two plans, Startup and Grow-big plan for my website, but now I just experience Siteground Gogeek through on my client.

If you are looking for an honest Siteground Gogeek review, then this editorial is for you, and I will also Compare Siteground all three hosting plans by that you will know which plan is perfect for you.

So without spilling a second let's deep dive into the Siteground Gogeek review.

Yes, I am using this plan.

siteground overview

because I don't want to post a review article about Gogeek plan without testing it properly.

I purchased this plan a couple of months ago, and the thing is that it is giving me really unexpected results.

I hosted about 7 websites with this plan, and out of those 7 websites, 3 are of my potential clients who are happy because of the performance of this plan.

So, I am also recommending you to purchase this Siteground Gogeek plan, so that you can enjoy its benefits and advantages towards your blogs or websites whatever you are using, just like me.

The Siteground Gogeek Plan is For you,(Check Below features)

If you want more server resources or faster websites- So if you require more than one server or your desire is the speed, then I can assure you that the Gogeek plan of the Siteground can become an excellent choice for you as it is made and famous for its fast speed.

If you want to host multiple websites- There are many digital marketers & bloggers now more likely to hosting multiple websites, so if you are one of them and want to host and manage more than one website then Siteground Gogeek plan can be the greatest option for you, and you will never be disappointed.

You require higher limits on the storage, database, and e-mail- It is another advantage of the Gogeek plan provided by the Siteground, because if you want extended storage, or databases and unlimited e-mail facilities, then Gogeek plan of the Siteground is providing all of that.

The 99.99% uptime- There is no one like the siteground’s plan, which provides better uptime compare to the siteground. Siteground’s Gogeek program is assuring the 99.99% uptime, which will make your website super fast and skyrocket your visitors, which will be the most significant reason behind the success of your website.

You want 30days daily backups, automatic updates, free domain and hosting migration- The Siteground Gogeek plan is providing daily backups, automatic updates, which is one of the excellent facilities offered by this hosting provider company.

Free migration:- This means you can migrate or transport the data of your website from one to another one within minutes at no extra cost.

Best security protection: The security protection provided by the third plan and the other plans of the siteground is best of all time.

The experts and developers of the Siteground regularly updates the securities and other servers just to protect their user’s websites from the online and hack threats

Best Technology:- NGINX servers, SSD drives, 6 data centers, cloud flare, and other advanced technologies that actually help your website in the path of the growth and development.

Free Backup:- If you want to restore your website data for any reason or in an emergency, then the Siteground’s Gogeek plan can help you and support you in repairing it within minutes, which is a fantastic service.

MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES OF GOGEEK PLAN ( That you won’t find in other host)

1)Semi- Dedicated hosting which is 4x faster than the others:- Do you know Siteground has the highest amount of the server resources which is 4x faster than the other lower shared hosting plans.

And the amazing fact is that, with the Siteground’s gogeek plan you will get Gogeek’s server resource in which limited number of Gogeek users are hosted in each server.

And they are able to provide up to 4x more server resource compare to the lower shared hosting plans & Ultimatily it makes your site super fast than other.

2)Top notch Uptime:- As you know Siteground is also known for it’s better Uptime which is approx 99.99%, the Uptime which is provided by the Goggek plan of the Siteground is 100% and it is stable.

Which means your website will never stop it's continually providing you better service.

3)World’s best customer support:- Customer support is known as one of the top priority of the Siteground hosting provider company.

If you are a user of the Siteground’s Gogeek plan then mention my word you will be secured from any kind of online and hack threat which is dangerous to your blog or website.

The Gogeek plan of the Siteground especially comes with the priority support which is very helpful in solving your technical and other problems you are facing while working on your website.

Another good thing about this plan is the response time which is only 4 seconds or less, they will answer to your problem within 3 4 seconds which is really amazing and unique as this kind of service is very rare among other hosting providers.

4)Top-notch security with free WILDCARD SSL + PCI COMPLIANCE:- With the Siteground Gogeek plan you will get a free to let’s encrypt SSL or wildcard SSL which are useful for the sub-domains.

And yes, you will also get a PCI-compliance which is for the safer credit card processing.

And the main this is that the above items which are come with the Gogeek plan are for the hosting of the e-commerce websites as you know Siteground supports most major shopping carts in the world right now.

Now guys, let’s talk about a little explained comparison between all the three plans which are Startup plan, Growbig plan, Gogeek plan.


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Well, let's Compare it in a detail way…

Siteground All Plans Overview.

siteground plans

1)Startup Plan.

Well Startup plan is the 1st and the least plan which is provided by the Siteground hosting provider.


Overall Features of StartUp Plan:-

*10,000 monthly suitable visits.

*10GB of web space

*You can only host 1 website.

*The data transfer is unmetered.

*Free drag and drop builder.

*Free CMS install.

*Free E-mail account.

*Unlimited MySQLdb.

*Unlimited sub and parked domains.

*C-Panel and softaculos.

*30 days money back guarantee.

2)GrowBig Plan.

Growbig is the 2nd plan of the Siteground shared hosting, you can host multiple sites using Growbig plan.


Overall Features of GrowBig:-

*25,000 monthly suitable visits.

*20 GB of web space

*You can host UNLIMITED website.

*The data transfer is unmetered.

*Free drag and drop builder.

*Free CMS install.

*Free E-mail account.

*Unlimited MySQLdb.

*Unlimited sub and parked domains.

cPanel and softaculos.

*30 days money-back guarantee.

*SSD storage is available.

*Free CDN with each account.


*24*7 customer support.

*Free shopping cart install.

*Website staging.

*Advance priority support.

3)Gogeek Plan.

The Gogeek plan is the 3rd plan of the Siteground shared hosting plan and it is mostly used by huge audience based sites.


Overall Features of Gogeek:-

*1,00,000 monthly suitable visits.

*40 GB of web space

*You can host UNLIMITED website.

*The data transfer is unmetered.

*Free drag and drop builder.

*Free CMS install.

*Free E-mail account.

*Unlimited MySQLdb.

*Unlimited sub and parked domains.

*C-Panel and softaculos.

*30 days money-back guarantee.

*SSD storage is available.

*Free CDN with each account.


*24*7 customer support.

*Free site transfer.

*Advanced on-demand back-up.

*Free shopping cart install.

*Website staging.

*Advanced priority support.

*PCI Compliant server

GEEKY FEATURES- Gogeek plan provides you some of the extra features Under the name “Geeky”

Unlimited Website Hosting.

4X More server resources.

30 daily backups + restore facility.

One-click site staging.

PCI compliance.

So, Now Which plan of Siteground you should Choose? Let's see…

STARTUP PLAN- Well if you are a beginner to the Digital world and want to start and manage only one website, then startup plan can be the best for you.

GROWBIG PLAN- If you are managing more than one website and you are at the growing stage of your website, then this plan can be suitable for you.

GOGEEK PLAN- Well it is the most premium and expensive plan of the Siteground, if you are handling multiple websites plus if you have 1,00,000 monthly visits and your budget is good then I can say that this plan is for you.

And also Siteground Gogeek plan is comes with lots of premium and Unique features that no other competitors are providing.

Above is my honest recommendation on Which plan of Siteground shared hosting will be suitable for you.

Okay now let's talk little bit about the C-panel of Sitefround Web hosting.

C-Panel Of Siteground.

Account Usage Statistics Tutorial

C-Panel is a website based control panel tool whose main purpose is to help you in managing your website hosting account through a web interface in the place of a website console.

The company Siteground have put its effort into developing a special C-Panel theme for their users or customers which is named as Crystal.

The main purpose of the crystal is to provide some of the best visual changes and will help in adding a lot of extra functionality that is uncommon around other cpanel systems.

The C-Panel is known as an important part of the website hosting which SiteGround experts have prepared for you.

It also offers a reliable set of features, ranging from adding an email address to managing subdomain names.

The C-panel of the Siteground contains some of the important parts and elements which plays vital roles in managing the whole website so by controlling and managing those elements in the C-panel one can manage the whole website in less time so that it is considered as the time saver C-panel.

Above is the Complete details of Siteground C-panel, now let's windup the complete Siteground Gogeek review.

My Final Verdict on Siteground Gogeek Review.

As you know, guys, here, my detailed, unbiased Siteground Gogeek review is concluded, and I hope you now have enough knowledge on Gogeek hosting plan.

I describe everything about the Siteground Gogeek plan, especially my motive behind this detailed review is to know about this particular hosting plan as I am using it.

If you are a blogger or a business owner and want to increase your server resources & speed, this is the best hosting plan.

I highly recommend you grab this hosting if your requirement is high and something big because it can easily Handel 100000 visitors per month.

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