Siteground India Review 2020: [Is It Really Worth It?] (Shocking Truth)

This complete editorial is all about Siteground India review, in this blog post i will share some Insider pros & cons of Siteground India & also providing you a conclusion is it Good or Not.

By the end of this Siteground India review, you will know is it better to host your site with Siteground or not?

Okay, let’s start…

As we know Siteground is a famous International hosting provider company which is generally well known for its high-quality services at a perfect price.

But In terms of hosting an Indian website is siteground is a good option? let’s know all the deep insider things of Siteground India.

So without much ado let’s deep dive into the Siteground India review Blog post.

About Siteground Company:-

Siteground is worlds one of the high quality & Top rated hosting company & it’s founded in back 2004 by four University friends.

Now it’s serving around 2 million domains all over the world & it also serves some high end hosting plans.

Siteground is officially recommended by WordPress.(Top Content Management System)  

It is famous for serving high quality & fastest hosting solution.

Siteground has 6 data centers all over the world.

Those are,

  • Chicago, US
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Singapore, SG
  • Sydney, Aus
  • Frankfurt, Germany

Siteground India Review 2020:(Pros/Cons & Why it’s Better Than other Hosting)

In this part of the editorial we will talk about blow topics.

  • Siteground all hosting Plans.
  • Siteground Features.
  • Siteground Real Users Review.
  • Siteground Comparison With Top hosting Providers.
  • Siteground C-panel Overview.
  • Siteground Joomla hosting Review.
  • Siteground Drupal Hosting Review.
  • Siteground SG Optimizer Review.
  • Siteground Website Builder Review.
  • Final Opinion on Siteground India.

Siteground India Review 2020: [Is It Really Worth It?] (Shocking Truth) 1

Siteground All Hosting Plans.

Here in this part of the blog post, we will briefly go through with all the Siteground hosting plans.

In the shared hosting platform I always recommend Siteground to everyone but Siteground shared hosting has 3 different plans, so which one to choose & why, let’s Understand.

First of all Siteground Comes with 3 hosting plans, 1)Startup 2)Growbig 3)Gogeek.

So let’s discuss what features they offer in different hosting plans.

StartUp Plan:-

Siteground startup plan cost you 6.99$ per month which is approx 48$ per year(Including all taxes)

With this plan you can host only one website.

It provides 10gb web space & with this plan you can handle upto 10000 visitors.

GrowBig Plan:-

Siteground Growbig plan cost you 9.99$ per month which is approx 72$ per year(Including all taxes)

With this Growbig plan you can host Unlimited website but i recommend host maximum 4 to 5 websites because if you host many sites with this plan then it may be slow down your site.

Here you will get 20gb web space & you can handle upto 25000 visitors per month.

Gogeek Plan:-

Siteground Gogeek plan cost you 14.99$ per month which is approx 96$ per year(Including all taxes)

You can also host Unlimited website with this Gogeek plan.

It provides 30gb disk space and allows upto 100,000 visitors per month.

Above i mentioned overall features of all siteground plans & provides you discounted link to get hosting plans at a cheaper rate.

But for more detailed features you can visit Siteground Hosting Page.

Now, which hosting plan you should choose for your WordPress website or blog?

Here i am recommending Startup plan to all beginners who just want to start their website.

If your website is in the Growing position or you need to host more than 1 website then go with Growbig plan.

But if your Requirement is high and you want more web space then you can confidently go with Gogeek Plan.

Actually, Gogeek is built for big websites who have tons of traffic & affordability.

I recommend you to read my detailed Siteground Gogeek review, if you want to know more about this plan.

I think now you may clear about which hosting plan is perfect for your site.

Okay, now come to the next part of this Siteground India review article, which is Pros & Cons of Siteground Hosting.

From here the main part of this review will start, so don’t skip…

Pros & Cons Of Siteground Hosting.

In this part of the editorial, We talk about the Pros & Cons of Siteground Hosting.


  • Fastest Loading Time.
  • High Uptime Always.(99.99%)
  • Super fast & quality Customer Service(You will love it).
  • High Security & Free SSL Certificate.
  • Free Optimizer Plugin.
  • Free CDN, that makes your Site fast.
  • Automatic WordPress Installation.
  • Using the latest Technology(Php 7.3rc)
  • Free Website Migration Service.
  • Free daily backup service.
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee.
  • WordPress Recommended Web Hosting.


  • The renewal charges is Bit Expensive Compared to Other Hosting providers but it’s worth it price.


They are known for their premium quality hosting at a reasonable price but recently their prices have been increased in order to maintain service quality but this led users to choose different hosting provider because now price of siteground is not reasonable and reliable for normal bloggers in India and other parts of the world. But, remember one thing, their prices are for cloud-based managed hosting so from this point of view their prices are not too high.   

Payment Method for Siteground In India

Siteground does not provide any local payment method in India like UPI, Rupay Card or any Wallet like Paytm etc. So you need cross border payment enabled card to purchase siteground hosting in India. There is an official alternative method i.e. PayPal but As you know PayPal uses the card, so finally you need a cross border Enabled card to make a payment on Siteground from India.

->Buy Siteground Hosting in India using Rupay card or UPI

Features Of Siteground Hosting.

This part contain all crucial features that offer by Siteground, read carefully all the features…

1)99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Do you know your Website Uptime make & break your Site?

If your Site down every time and your users can’t easily access it, then Google never ever rank your Site.

But If your Site is on Siteground hosting then you are completely safe.

From the last 5 years, Siteground provides higher Uptime consistently, that helps you providing stable performance every time.

By higher uptime, your site runs without any breaks & that ultimately gives you a higher ranking in SERP.

Just Check out the below screenshot of Siteground Uptime Test, You can see it provides 100% Uptime always.

siteground uptime test

2)Super fast & very Supportive Customer service.

Actually It is one of the strong point of this hosting company.

You will get a very quick response from the Siteground hosting support team.

Also you can ask your any technical question to the Siteground support team at 24*7hrs.

Once you started using siteground then trust me you fall in love with their service team, because they are very friendly & supportive.

3)Super Fast loading.

If you are in the blogging field for sometimes then you definitely heard about SEO and it’s importance.

Did you know your website load speed is one of the strong SEO ranking factors?

So if you are on Siteground then it makes your site loads very faster and reliable.

The average loading speed of siteground hosted site is 1sec to 1.5 sec.

In my Website “I am using Thrive Architecture” it’s really a heavy designing plugin but still my Website page speed score is “87%”

siteground speed

4)High Security & Free SSL.

Security is one of the top priority while you choosing hosting, because everyday lots of website got hacked due to lack of security.

So Siteground provides you better software updates and high-security features.

It also comes with a free SSL certificate that makes your site secure from malware and hackers.

5)30 days money back guarantee.

The Siteground all plans comes with one of the best and trusted features that is 30 days money-back guarantee.

30 Days money-back guarantee helps you make your decision now to buy siteground hosting.

In between 30 days if you get any type of problem then simply request for money back.

6)Free CDN.

Yes, you will get free Cloudflare cdn(content delivery network) that makes your site loads more faster.

Actually, CDN is a premium features and here at Siteground you will get it for free.

7)New Updated PHP Technology.

Yes it’s comes with latest php technology that is 7.3rc and it’s continually upgrade to higher version according to the future Update.

8)Automatic WordPress Update.

If any WordPress updates come in future your site will automatically updated with the latest one & that enhance your security.

9)Wordpress Recommended Hosting.

Did you know that Siteground is the top choice for and by many entrepreneurs.

Yes, Siteground is the top wordpress recommended web hosting nowadays, so you can completely trust it on…

10)Top Industry leader & Entrepreneurs Recommend Hosting.

Big branded & high valued blogs like,, are recommending siteground to every beginners who want to start their blogging journey.

how to start a blog guide

Siteground Real Users Review.

Want to know why i am recommending Siteground always?

Check out all the users review on Siteground Hosting.(Facebook poll & twitter)

siteground best hostingsiteground facebook pollsiteground reviewsiteground twitter reviewsiteground twitter review

Now you may be got your answer, why i am recommending Siteground always!!

I think above facebook & twitter users review are enough to take your decision, so what are you waiting for, Get Siteground hosting now.

Well, now come to the Comparision part, Siteground vs Bluehost & Siteground vs Hostgator.

FAQ on Siteground India Review.

faq on blogging

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Does SiteGround offer free domain name?” answer-0=”Until last year, SiteGround used to offer a free domain name with there hosting plan. Now, they don’t. The pricing of the domain is slightly higher than the market price. For example, a .com domain on SiteGround is $14.95. However, you can always purchase a domain from any other registrar and update the name-server to point to SiteGround, it’s easy” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=” Is SiteGround fast?” answer-1=”Overall, SiteGround ranks near the top of all web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speed (713ms). Their customer support team is knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. All plans come with a CDN, SSL certificate, and email accounts…Thus in terms of performance siteground is the no1 in the market” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=” Which is better GoDaddy or SiteGround?” answer-2=”Frankly speaking you can’t compare Siteground with GoDaddy, in terms of hosting speed, performance & customer support siteground is the no1, it also recommended by” count=”3″ html=”true”]

Siteground Performance Comparison With Top hosting Providers.(Speed/Uptime & Security)

Here in this part i will compare Siteground with Bluehost & Hostgator.


Average Speed-1sec

Average Uptime-99.99% some time it’s 100%.

Data Center-4

Security-Grate & it also provides free SSL & Latest php with automatic wordpress update.


Average Speed-4 sec.

Average Uptime-99.9%

Data Center-1

Security-Grate but not providing any SSL for free.


Average Speed-2.3sec

Average Uptime-99.98%

Data center-3

Security-Not Good like Siteground.

Siteground Cpanel Overview.

cpanel of siteground

Do you know what a c-panel is and what is its purpose?

So let’s talk about this topic in the following editorial.

Which will contain a brief explanation about siteground cpanel.

So what is c-panel???

C-Panel is a website based control panel tool whose main purpose is to help you in managing your website hosting account through a web interface in the place of a website console.

With the help of the cPanel, you are capable of accomplishing your tasks in a faster and easiest way and the fact of joy is that even non-professional website owners can easily set their websites with the help of cPanel of siteground.


 The company SiteGround have put its effort into developing a special cPanel theme for their users or customers which is named as Crystal.

The main purpose of the crystal is to provide some of the best visual changes and will help in adding a lot of extra functionality that is uncommon around other cpanel systems.

 The cPanel is known as an important part of the website hosting which SiteGround experts have prepared for you.

 It also offers a reliable set of features, ranging from adding an email address to managing subdomain names.

 So let’s talk about its features in a nutshell.


Comes along with plans of siteground- the cpanel facility generally comes along with all 3 plans of the siteground which starts from the 3.95 dollars per month.

So if you are purchasing plans from the siteground then you can enjoy the awesome cpanel facility.

 User friendly-the cpanel of the siteground is very user-friendly as it makes the management of the website so easy by providing various shortcuts and key features like email management, subdomain names management, etc.

 24*7 technical support- the 24*7 support of the siteground is a good feature as it provides its shelter to those who face technical or any other problems during using the cpanel of the siteground. So the users can do their work without facing any technical issue.

I personally love their hand-holding & quickest support.

 Easy management- it is easy to manage the key things from the cpanel, the cpanel of the siteground contains some of the important parts and elements which plays vital roles in managing the whole website so by controlling and managing those elements in the cpanel one can manage the whole website in less time so that it is considered as the time saver cpanel.

             So in the above explanation, i described the features and the purpose of the cpanel of the siteground. Now i hope so you can easily manage it without facing any issue.

More Resources:-

Siteground Joomla Hosting Review.

As we know siteground is a famous hosting provider company which is generally well known for its reasonable services at a perfect price.

 So is it good for hosting Joomla websites or not, as we know Joomla has become one of the best and renowned content management system in all over the world and there are many hosting companies which are providing packages for Joomla website and, siteground is considered as one of the best Joomla web hosting provider in the Internet.

Now let’s know some of the pros which makes siteground’s plans better for the Joomla websites and why it has overtaken its competitors.

Reasons why siteground joomla hosting is best

Easy to use- As one of the benefits is that it is easy to use in the field of managing of the Joomla website, the company is using user-friendly cPanel system, e-mail manager, file manager, domain manager, etc which helps in the easy navigation of the website by the users.

Reasonable consumer care service- Siteground provides the 24*7 service, as well as technical support through it,’s multiple channels which generally includes a toll-free phone number, chat, live chat, etc. So that for their responsive care consumers do not usually think if there is any problem with their Joomla website hosting.

Money worthy- As the hosting for the Joomla websites comes at a supportive price which not too much and not too low and just like its other plans it also gives 30 days money-back guarantee which means people can claim their money if they are not satisfied with the service within 30 days of the purchase.

Reliability- Before launching the hosting service for the Joomla websites the company has put so many efforts as well as money just to make the service reliable so that their customers can handle their websites with no problems and barriers at all and they also keep going on the way of the innovation and customization to bring new things to the users and also to construct a high efficient server architecture which resulting in the uptime improvements.

           Without any doubt, I will give the siteground 9 out of 10 because it has some incredible merits and minimum as possible drawbacks and I think it will be the best for any kind of Joomla website.

Siteground Drupal Hosting Review.

Before getting on to the Drupal hosting plans of the siteground you must know what is Drupal websites.

In a nutshell drupal runs some of the powerful websites of the world on an international basis which is generally used for the content designing and management.

Based on my personal experience.

Siteground offers 3 drupal hosting plans as same as the normal plans which are

Start-up – 3.95$/ mo

Grow big – 7.95$/ mo

Go Geek – 14.95$/ mo

Now let’s talk about the features it provides in its Drupal hosting service.



1-In the startup plan you can host 1 website, 10 GB web space and can bring you 10,000 monthly visits.

 2-In the grow big plan the hosting is for multiple websites which also gives you 20 GB web space and 25,000 monthly visits only.

 3-In the go geek plan, the hosting is available for multiple websites with 30gb web space and suitable for 1,00,000 visits per month.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT- The siteground company provides 24*7 technical support to the users of their Drupal hosting service via phone, live chat, e-mail which is provided by the companies highly knowledgeable support team.

 Generally, the response time for the problem on the phone, live chat, or e-mail is 60 seconds. And in my opinion, their support service is quite impressive.

PERFORMANCE AND OTHER- Siteground consist 3 data centers in all over the world to provide hosting services to the Drupal websites which are in Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore. The main purpose of these data centers is to improve the uptime as well as the loading speed, so in order to fulfill these activities, these data centers are equipped with the highly powered network redundancy. With this modernization, it is doing well in the field of the Drupal hosting providing.

RATING BY THE EDITORS- After a good survey siteground has found that their hosting services for the websites are quite liked by the users for which it earned 4 out 5 in the feedback ratings which became possible because of it’s service, price, and technical support within lesser time.

         After describing the above information I think the hosting service of the siteground to host a Drupal website is quite good compared to its substitutes because of it’s genuine characteristics and performance in the hosting business.

Siteground SG Optimizer Review.

After  all the above topics now let’s talk about one of the important ones in the SEO industry which is well known as the siteground optimizer.

 It is a plugin which is equipped with a dynamic cache plugin and it is faster than any other optimizer plugin. 

Let’s talk about what are its functions and why it is a little bit famous among other optimizer plugins.


Image optimization- This plugin of the siteground compresses images into a suitable size so that your website loading improves to a better position. 

It also compresses the existing images of your website and it also takes the backup of all those photos so that in case you see a loss in the number of the images at least you have the backups. It also eliminates the delays in the loading of images of your website so that users can never be dissatisfied with the late page loading.

SMARTER DYNAMIC CACHE- Siteground claims their optimizer plugin is better than any other ones so that they developed the NGINX-powered full page caching which is a core function of such plugin, which the main purpose is to decrease the page loading time, non-cached content, etc.

IMPROVED HTTPS TRAFIC REDIRECT- In this plugin the company has used to redirect the traffics to the https in a dynamic way which was impossible due to the slow loading of the website but due to the optimizer plugin the site loading speed of your website will be better now which will result in the increase of the visitors and their satisfaction.

OTHER IMPROVEMENTS- Besides these, the plugin also includes some of the other benefits like.

1 better-Memcached support

2 easier PHP version change

3 other performance plugins capability like you can know which plugins are suitable and better for your website.

Now as per my experience this optimizer is better than others, it’s really a worthy optimizer. Because it does what it claims and we all know action speaks louder than words. It helps in optimizing your site loading speed, it helps in the optimization of the images and high graphic photos uploaded in your website and these performances help you in satisfying your visitors and satisfying your visitors means you can develop the performance of your website at an optimal speed compared to the speed before.

So that here i am rating this plugin 4.5 out of 5. 


*Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2020.

*Siteground Black Friday deals 2020.

*Hostgator Black Friday deals 2020.

*Greengeeks Black Friday deals 2020.

*Fastcomet Black Friday deals 2020.

Siteground Website Builder Review.

Do you know…

Siteground generally works with various content management systems of the world like.

WordPress, Joomla, and many more.


No matter how hard they work, many of their users have difficulties in working with building their website.

Which is why siteground spent many of its time in developing an easiest website builder that can integrate into the platform and can offer their users a brain reliving solution.

And they found the solution which is known as the

Drag & Drop website builder.


An easy drag & drop builder which allows you to create a professional website with no technical skills required such as coding.

Content requirements (like text, photos, and videos) can be added to your website by simply dragging and dropping them into place.

So let’s understand some of its features due to which it became one of the easiest platforms to build a website.


Drag and Drop-It is the main and primary feature of the website site builder developed by siteground. The drag and drop site builder gives the users a chance to build the website in a relevant way by just dragging and dropping the various elements required for building a website.

It is mainly beneficial to the non-coders, people who don’t know how to code.

As they can now build their website on their own in less time without the utilization of coding.

High quality and user friendly theme- As we know siteground is providing a wide range of themes collections and the thing is that each of them is equally responsive and user-friendly.

You can choose your own theme from a wide range of variety of themes to set up your website.

It is giving themes From modern to classic, the themes poses various custom preferences and they are automatically mobile & SEO-optimized for any screen size from desktops to phones and tablets.

 A perfect ECommerce Solution- If you ever wanted to start an online store?

You can use the complete eCommerce solution by the siteground website builder to provide a smooth online shopping experience to your online customers.

There are many storefront themes, payment options and more available in this site builder which will make a big impact on your online web store. And will help you in attracting more users.

So this site builder is equally beneficial to the bloggers as well as to the online store owners…

Amazing is not it…

As i discussed the various features siteground website builder holds.

Now let’s talk about how you can get started

 How To Get Started?

The free site builder of the siteground is available to all the users.

1st of all you have to Login to their account and you have to enable it from…

your User Area > My Account > Sitebuilder tab for any of your domains.

 Along with the free version of the plan, they are also offering Weebly’s upgrade plans (Starter, Pro, and Business).

So, in my opinion, it is a great site builder as it is providing some of the great features and also wide range collection of responsive theme and i can assure you that you will not be dissatisfied by using this site builder.

So, get started building your website.

Final Thoughts On Siteground India Review:-

As you know here our complete Siteground India review is concluded, so at the end of this article i want to suggest you again, if you want to start your blog then go with Siteground hosting, you never regret later.

I already show you all the features, benefits & plans of Siteground & also compare with some hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.

In the above, i already share users review on Facebook poll & Twitter.

So now it’s your turn, you need to decide what type of web hosting you want a slow loading or the fastest loading with high security hosting like Siteground.

Just Go with Siteground, you will thank me latter.

Take Your Decision Smartly:)

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