Siteground vs Fastcomet (Which one to choose & why?)

Hey, Welcome to Siteground vs Fastcomet comparison article.

Here in this complete editorial, i will explain all the deep insider things of both the hosting & at the end i will reveal to you which one is the best & why.

Siteground vs Fastcomet are you really confuse among them? Which one is excellent for your website.

Then this article, Siteground vs Fastcomet is assigned to you & it definitely helps you in choosing the right Web hosting.

So let’s go deeper into the blog post “Siteground vs Fastcomet”.

What things you should look before choose any Web Hosting?

things to consider before choosing any web host

Here in this part of the editorial, i will show 6 important things you should consider before choosing any web host.

*Loading Speed.

*Site Up-time.


*Customer service.

*Overall Features.

*Web hosting popularity.

From above Website loading speed, Uptime, security and Customer service are the most Important things & you should keep in your mind before going for any Web hosting.

Here in the Fastcomet vs Siteground comparison guide, i will also compare all the above things that are Important before choosing any hosting.

After this article you will get to know which hosting is better to start a blog/website.

Siteground Vs Fastcomet 2020:-(Head to Head Comparison)


Here in this section i will start comparing all the features of both Siteground & Fastcomet.

Both the hosting provider company Siteground and the Fastcomet are amazing when it comes to the price, plans, features, customer support but in the battle of Fastcomet vs siteground, only one hosting provider will win.

As we know both are known as the most popular web hosting service provider company.

But in this Siteground vs fastcomet honest comparison, I will clear your all doubts regarding which is the best among these two.

In this honest comparison article,e we will take 3 things for the battle

The first one is the,



But before jumping into this comparison first let’s take a look at the overview in which I will tell you about the past, present and futures of both hosting provider company siteground as well as the fast comet.


Both the siteground and the fastcomet are the most popular website hosting service provider companies in the world.

A lot of people are the users of the siteground as well as of the fastcomet.

But, If you are new to the world of the website hosting then there are many chances of facing difficulties in finding which is the better website hosting provider among these two.

Well, the reason behind this great confusion i.e competitiveness.

Due to the provision of great services along with rich features at an affordable price, they both are great.

And, If you ask me if these two worlds biggest hosting provider companies have any differences then I would say there are a lot.

Heck, it is time for a perfect as well as a genuine comparison between the features of both hosting provider companies.

One is the siteground and the other one is the fastcomet.

And Yes, at the end of this comparison, I will tell you which hosting provider won on the battlefield of the feature.

But before that, I want to give you a quick description of the facilities provided by the Siteground and Fastcomet in the following table.

And, I want you to take a look at the table below so that you can gain an advance idea about the comparison.

Siteground vs Fastcomet.

  • Better uptime.
  • Fastest Loading time.
  •  It consists 3 plans.
  • Unmetered data transfer.
  •  Free drag & drop Weebly.
  • Free CMS install.(WordPress)
  •  Unlimited sub & parked domains.  
  • 30 days of money back. 
  •  Server rates are available in 3 continents. 
  •  Free CDN with every account.
  • 24* 7 customer support.  
  • Friendly and useful site tools. 
  • Free Supercacher.    
  • Spam protection.  
  • Automated daily backup.
  • Good uptime.
  • Good Loading Time.
  • it consists of 3 plans also.
  •  free domain transfer.
  • only cloud SSD.
  • free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Powered by cPanel.
  • Daily & weekly backree 
  • 24*7 priority support.
  • free migration management.
  • 100%money-back guarantees.
  • Spam experts.
  • web application firewall.
  • Instant chat response by fastcomet.
  • Multiple server locations.

So, Without waiting a moment let’s jump into this honest comparison.


Okay, In this front to front-comparison of the features of the siteground and fastcomet, I will compare their features one by one.

And then I will give my opinion about who won the battle in the respective field.

The field in which both the hosting providers will be going to compared are,

  • Uptime.
  • Server speed/response.
  • Customer support.
  • Backup plan.
  • Website Migration.
  • Security features.

& many more…

So, without wasting a second let’s dive into this comparison and see who wins.

1)Uptime-  well we all know what role uptime plays when it comes to the quality of your website.

the websites having higher uptime generally perform well.

*Fastcomet Uptime-

The Uptime of the fastcomet hosting company Is literally 99.99% which will make your website skyrocket and relevant for your visitors.

No, for instance, Let’s take a look at the average uptime of the year 2019-2020

fastcomet uptime







So, in this above diagram, we all can clearly see that

The uptime is almost near to 100% in all the months.

Thus, in the field of uptime fastcomet is a great hosting service provider.

*Siteground Uptime-

The siteground uptime is on the par with their promise or the guarantee.

It clearly means that they have achieved the Uptime of 99.99% in the past several years and it never fluctuates.

They have worlds most reliable web servers which rarely disappoints its users when it comes to the uptime.

If we compare the uptime of the fastcomet and the siteground in a nutshell then fastcomet has achieved the 99.98 %(average of all month)of uptime in the near time.

But the siteground Uptime is almost 100% you can see in the below di-gram.

siteground uptime test







So, the uptime of the fastcomet is good but the siteground is slightly better when it comes to the uptime but that does not mean fastcomet is a loser.



2)Better Server speed-

If you are in the blogging Industry from some years then you must know why website loading speed matters.

Website loading Speed is the strong ranking factor in the Google Algorithm point of view.

*Fastcomet speed-

Image result for fastcomet loading speed

So, in a nutshell, Speed plays an important role when it comes to SEO and the performance of your site.

Thus, when it comes to speed, fastcomet provides great fast services in all three important aspects like response time, load time and under load time.

Now Let’s take a look at the performance of the fastcomet hosting.

Reasonable response time-0.57s

Reasonable load time- 1s

Reasonable under load- 1.05s

From the above diagram,m we can identify that fastcomet hosting is great at speed.

*Siteground server speed-

siteground loading

As siteground is well known for its server speed, they use their modern technologies like SDD instead of old & expired HDD technology, they also use NGINX servers which also results in the increase of the speed of your website.

The response time is 515 ms which is far better than the server speed of the fastcomet.

–   Reasonable response time-0.51s

–   Reasonable load time- lower than 1sec.

–   Reasonable under load- 1.1s

*Winner- the winner in the fast server test is the FASTCOMET.

3)Customer support-

We all know customer is the king in any Business.

So that Customer service is known as one of the important factors when it comes to getting a better customer review.

Or to improve the goodwill of the company.

Or to improve customer trust.

*Fastcomet customer support-

With this motive, fastcomet is now providing good consumer service.

As one of the best customers based company actually fastcomet is doing good and providing better customer support.

This company is organized and run by many experts and developers so that you can enjoy their good as well as reliable hosting services.

These experts and developers will help you in solving your technical hosting problems if you have any.

They can help you via call, live chat and e-mail

So, With a few numbers of customers or users, this company is actually doing pretty well for its users as well as for their websites.

Now let’s talk about the customer support of the siteground hosting provider company and analyze who wins the customer support battle.

*Siteground Customer Support.

Reliable customer support and Siteground’s after-sales service is excellent.

They respond to their client’s queries in minimum time as possible.

Overall Siteground’s customer service is what it makes them best in the hosting market

You can reach them through e-mail, phone calls, ticket & live chat, and many more ways.

They have more than 200+ talented customer support executives who make their support service better than its competitor companies even better than GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator and other hosting providers.

Therefore, by all means, it is highly reputable and recommended by experts as well as WordPress.

They also give the 24 hours 7days a week throughout the whole year live chat support so that their users can get help from their expert in case of any technical faults.

The wait time for their response in the live chat is only 5 seconds.

No, in my opinion, the customers support service of both the hosting provider of the company is the same & very supportive.

But in terms of user review and social proof again Siteground has more wet than fastcomet.  

Heck, there no loser or winner when it comes to customer support.

*Winner – both the siteground and Fastcomet. 

4)Backup plans- Every website must need strong backup plan for the security purpose by the help of it you can get your lost data & files.

*Fastcomet backup plans-

Backups are really important for users if they lose any of their data.

So that, In order to solve this disturbing problem fastcomet created its one of the greatest invention which is an automatic backup system that is easily accessible through its amazing C-panel.

This system is able to copy the past 7 days all of your data which will help the user in finding their lost data.

And yes, they are also planning to extend the duration from 7 days to 30 days.

*Siteground backup plans-

Now let’s talk about the backup plan of the siteground, As a user of the siteground, you will get the benefits of the daily backups for free which is not provided by its opponent.

So, In the case you lose your data siteground will help you in recovering it without taking a penny but in the case of others you might have to spend some money to proceed this action but siteground users can do that for free.

Now in a nutshell in the battle of backup plans, Siteground is the clear winner due to its regular backup service.

*Winner of(Siteground vs Fastcomet) – FASTCOMET backup plan.

5)Strong security- High security is the most essential things while you purchasing any web hosting by that you can protect your website from my types of virus and attacks.

*Fastcomet security features-

Every user wants their website secured and the fast comet fulfills these necessary needs.

When it comes to the security of your data fastcomet is not playing games.

So that fastcomet made the security one of its top priorities.

So that they use the most advanced software and technologies like cages, Bitninja which ensure that your website and all of your data on the website is secured from the virus attacks.

They also use the software like cloud Linux which guarantees that a virus-infected site would not be a threat to the server.

They use the biggest CMS in the world like Joomla, magneto, WordPress.

And, It’s 24*7 security team can identify any kind of hack attempt.

So, in a nutshell, your website will be secure with Fastcomet.

*Siteground security features-

Now It is the turn for the security plans of the Siteground to provide good security features, Users of the siteground barely receive any spam messages or hack threats.

You will get better security which comes along with IP address block list, spam experts 7assassinsn, leech protect, hotlink protection with an additional add on a feature known as hack alert monitoring.

They also provide automatic CMS Update with the latest technology.

Now in this battle of the security features, both are great in their places and they are so concerned when it comes to the security of the data of their users


*Winner(Fastcomet vs Siteground)– both fastcomet and the siteground

6)Migration of the website-

Now in the case of migration of your website from one website to the other website both the hosting provider companies provide free website migration.

You can migrate your website for free of cost from siteground to somewhere else within 24 hours or more if you want to, while in the case of the fastcomet you can do the same without spoiling a penny from your pocket

So that in this battle of migration of the website both are the winner.

*Winner(Siteground vs Fastcomet)–  Fastcomet because siteground take $30 for Migration service.

Now, as the comparison between both the hosting provider company in the features field is done.

We came to see that in majority cases Siteground is slightly better than the Fastcomet due to it’s Unbreakable features.


It is the price and the plans which make the difference between both the hosting provider company.(

So that, Let’s compare the price and plans of both the hosting provider company siteground and fastcomet.


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*Siteground Black Friday deals 2020.

*Hostgator Black Friday deals 2020.

*Greengeeks Black Friday deals 2020.

*Fastcomet Black Friday deals 2020.

Siteground vs Fastcomet (prices & plans)

Before starting the comparison I want to talk about what I am going to discuss in this comparison.

In the bellow differentiation, we will discuss all the prices and plans of both the hosting provider company individually and then we will declare who is the winner.

And, which hosting provider is suitable for which kind of user in terms of affordability.

So, let’s talk about it.

*Prices and plans of the Fastcomet-

fastcomet plans

Now The fastcomet comes up with its 3 types of plans which are really beneficial to you if you buy hosting service from it.

And yes, sometimes fastcomet provides the coupon code opportunity with the help of the fastcomet coupon code you can get these plans at a lower rate.

Now let’s talk about its plans in a wider sense so that we can understand what will be great for you.

Okay, let’s start with the fastcomet price & plans…


Well, this plan comes up with a price of (2.95$ to 3.95$) per month it’s renewal price is also the same.

With this plan, you will get the following facilities which will help you to start your own website smoothly.

15GB storage space- this plan will provide you with a storage space of 15gb which is good to handle a single website

2gb ram- well with this plan you will get only access to 2gb RAM and 2 CPU cores, and this is enough for one website.

The next plan of the Fastcomet is quite better than the previous one

So, let’s take a look at it.

SCALE RIGHT- This plan is quite better than the first one, you can get this plan by spending only 5.95$ per month and your renewal price will be the same.

So now let’s talk about what kind of facilities it provides.

25gb storage- by spending only 5.95$ per month you can get 25gb of space.

Unlimited sites- you will be able to host as many sites as you want.

3gb memory- with scale right plan you will get 3gb RAM and access to 4 CPU cores.

The next plan is the superior plan which is provided by the fast comet this plan is known as the speedup plan which is described in bellow.

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It is the best plan of the fast comet, you can make your website a race car with this plan by spending only (8.95$ to 9.95$) per month.

And Yes, the renewal price will be same.

35gb storage- with this plan you have the capacity of the 35gb web storage which will make your website a real beast.

This plan is also comings up with some of the pre-installed components which will provide additional benefits to your website.

Thus, let’ss talk about it.

Preinstalled components- with this plan you will get Varnish, APC, Lite Speed LSAPI, OPcache etc which will help in the development of the speed of the website.

6gb of RAM- With this plan, you will have access to the 6gb of RAM as well as 6 CPU cores.

So, this is the plans and their prices which are provided by the fastcomet hosting provider company.

now let’s talk about the plans which are provided by the hosting provider company siteground.

*Prices and plans of the Siteground hosting-

Now there are 3 plans of the Siteground, which the company provides.

These plans are known as STARTUP, GROW BIG and GOGEEK respectively.

All the plans are inserted with different features as per their prices, and they also provide a different purpose for different websites.

So, let’s learn about them one by one.

The first plan is known as the start-up plan which is the smallest plan provided by the Siteground.

STARTUP PLAN- Now this plan is the first and least plan which is provided by the siteground hosting provider company.

It is good for a great web start.

SPECIAL PRICE- The price of this plan starts at 6.99$ per month only, which is a special price.

REGULAR PRICE- The regular price of this plan is 14.95$ per month.

BLACK FRIDAY PRICE:- In the Siteground black Friday deals time you will get the hosting service at 2.95$ per month.

->Check Siteground black friday deals.


->You can host one website.

->The webspace is 1 GB.

->You will get 10,000 visits monthly.

->Free site builder

->Unmetered traffic.

->Unlimited MySQL.

->Free SSL and HTTPS.

->Free e-mail accounts & Cloudflare CDN.

The next plan is known as the grow big plan which is particularly crafted for your web growth.

GROWBIG PLAN- This plan will be great for you if are interested in hosting multiple websites or more than one website.

SPECIAL PRICE- The price of this plan starts at 9.99$ per month only, which is a special price.

REGULAR PRICE- The regular price of this plan is 24.99$ per month, which will be in your budget.

BLACK FRIDAY PRICE:-In the Siteground black Friday deals time you will get the hosting service at 4.95$ per month.


->You can host unlimited websites.

->The webspace you will get along with this plan is 20 GB.

->You will get 25,000 visits monthly.

->Free site transfers by siteground experts.

->Supercacher for better speed.

->Advance on-demand backup facility.

->Staging WordPress.

->You can add collaborators.

->Free site builder

->Unmetered traffic.

->Unlimited MySQL.

->Free SSL and HTTPS.

->Free e-mail accounts & Cloudflare CDN.

Let’s jump to our next and last plan which is as big as it sounds…

GOGEEK PLAN- This plan is specially crafted for the people who are real web geeks, this plan is an example of greatness as you will be amazed by the features it serves.

SPECIAL PRICE- The price of this plan starts at 14.99$ per month only, which is a special price.

REGULAR PRICE- The regular price of this plan is 34.99$ per month, which will be in your budget.

BLACK FRIDAY PRICE:- In the Siteground black Friday deals time you will get the hosting service at 8.95$ per month.


->You can host unlimited websites.

->The webspace you will get along with this plan is 30 GB.

->You will get 100,000 visits monthly. Which is massive.

->Free site transfers by siteground experts.

->Supercacher for better speed.

->Advance on-demand b44rackup facility.

->Staging WordPress.

->You can add collaborators.

->Free site builder

->Unmetered traffic.

->Unlimited MySQL.

->Free SSL and HTTPS.

->Free e-mail accounts & Cloudflare CDN.

GEEKY FEATURES (Special facilities)-

->Advance priority support.

->Highest Tier of server resources.

->One-click Repo creation.

->White-label site management.

So, these are all the plans with prices and features/ special facilities provided by the Siteground hosting provider company.

Now, It is the time for the result of who won the battle of prices and plans.

The result- The result in this comparison is that the prices of the fastcomet plans are slightly cheaper than the prices of the siteground.

Another this is the renewal price:- when it comes to the renewal the siteground charges a lot higher amount compared to the fastcomet.

In the other hand, the purchase price, as well as the renewal price of the fastcomet, is slightly cheap compared to Siteground

So that,

*Winner- the winner in the pricing & plans, fastcomet wins due to Amazing Low Pricing

But if you want more professionalism and greater service then you can go for the Siteground, their service is just awesome.

Overall, between Siteground vs Fastcomet:-

Here FASTCOMET is the Clear Winner between Fastcomet vs Siteground, In terms of Performance, Quality & Features Both Fastcomet & Siteground is better But Fastcomet is the Clear Winner Interms of it’s Cheap Pricing.

Siteground Starter plan cost $6.99 but Fastcomet Starter Plan is only $2.95…So I Highly Recommed you to choose Fastcomet Hosting, It is very Affoardable & Valu for money.

Final thoughts on Siteground vs Fastcomet.

So now we are at the conclusion part of this article called ‘’FASTCOMET VS SITEGROUND”

In this honest in-depth comparison, I talked about the fields in which I compared both the hosting provider companies and their capabilities in those fields.

I also announced the winner in those battles so that you can know which hosting provider will be great for you in the development of your website.

Before I put an end to this topic I want to tell you one thing choosing of the hosting provider, the choice varies from person to person.

If you want to spend a little bit more money then you can go for a Siteground, and if you are more concerned about price but you want great service then go for the Fastcomet.

But at the End of the comparison “Siteground vs Fastcomet” i would want to recommend you to go with FASTCOMET.

Thank you for reading this article, hope this will help you in taking a further step.

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